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naked freshwater or marine or parasitic protozoa that form temporary pseudopods for feeding and locomotion

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Among protists, testate amoebae represent a common diverse and abundant component of both aquatic and terrestrial habitats, playing a vital role in ecosystem functioning.
An unrelated study, UCA-CIDEA (Hernandez, 2002), reported diatoms, amoebae and other organisms in Nicaraguan local estuary systems and fish rearing ponds with prevalence of Bacillariophyceae, Chlorophyceae, Cyanophyceae and Dinoflagellidae species.
'We report the presence of the Naegleria fowleri amoebae in domestic water supply in Karachi city,' according to the study appeared in August-2018 edition of the IJID, a monthly research periodical published by the International Society for Infectious Diseases, based in Massachusetts.
Arcellidae is commonly recorded as one of the most representative families of testate amoebae in Neotropical ecosystems in terms of richness and abundance of species (Vucetich, 1973; Panarelli, Casanova, Nogueira, Mitsuka, & Henry, 2003; Fulone, Vieira, Velho, & Lima, 2005; Lansac-Toha, Alves, Velho; Robertson, & Joko, 2008; Escobar, Brenner, Whitmore, Kenney, & Curtis, 2008; Oliveira & Hardoim, 2010; Arrieira, Alves, Schwind, & Lansac-Toha, 2015).
The Mnemiopsis amoebae thus appear move to novel environments with the host.
Free-living amoebae from the genus Acanthamoeba are commonly found in soil and aquatic environments worldwide [1-3].
Triplicate experiments were performed and the viability of amoebae was examined after 2 hours by viable count utilizing erythromycin B stain (ATCC).
All samples were washed through a coarse sieve (about 750 [micro]m) into a boiling glass and the testate amoebae and peat debris were let to deposit for several hours.
Experiments with amoebae that usually live as individuals but must also join with others to form multicellular bodies to complete their life cycles showed that cooperation depends on kinship.
Acanthamoeba, a genus of amoebae is one of the most common protozoa in soil, and also frequently found in fresh water and other habitats.
About a third of the amoebae studied performed the role of "farmers", said the researchers writing in the journal Nature.
London, Jan 20 (ANI): Some amoebae do exactly what we do before we travel - pack a lunch.
The topics include collecting and processing water samples, using the new DNA-amplification technique loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) for the low-cost screening of multiple waterborne pathogens, amoebae as tools to isolate amoeba-resisting microorganisms from environmental samples, detecting viable organisms and functional gene expression using molecular techniques, characterizing microbial community structures in recreational waters and primary sources of fecal pollution with a next-generation sequencing approach, and microbial bioreporter sensing technologies for chemical and biological detection.
Our hypothesis is that Francisella does not thrive in open water, but is instead harbored inside aquatic eukaryotes such as amoebae within the water column.
Evolution skeptics also claim that no one has ever seen the development of a new species, a myth Farmer and Habura tackle by outlining a case in which amoebae became symbiotically dependent upon infecting bacteria.