amniotic fluid

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the serous fluid in which the embryo is suspended inside the amnion

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Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome: prenatal diagnosis by quantification of cholesterol precursors in amniotic fluid.
Mitchell notes that in women, the amniotic fluid concentration of SP-A begins to rise in the weeks, not days, before labor.
Both parties agreed that the applicable standard of care requires that a patient reporting symptoms consistent with a discharge of amniotic fluid must be examined in person
Univariate correlations between amniotic fluid adiponectin and all the other variables were assessed using the Spearman test.
RR: The earlier the gestational age at which a patient presents with preterm labor and intact membranes or preterm PROM, the higher the likelihood of a positive amniotic fluid culture.
Detection of endocrine disrupting chemicals in samples of second trimester human amniotic fluid.
She still needs to take some medication because she spent so long in the womb without any amniotic fluid.
He told the inquest that foetal hair and skin cells from the amniotic fluid surrounding the baby had entered the mother's blood system through the uterine vein and had been discovered in her lungs.
The disparity affects amniotic fluid levels and left Trevor trapped at the top of Brande's uterus without any of the cushioning fluid.
The perceived infection problem is that the birthing-pool water becomes contaminated with amniotic fluid, blood, and fecal material, all of which contain large quantities of maternal bacteria and viruses.
A 1998 study, he notes, found that parents could pick out the amniotic fluid that had bathed their infant simply by odor.
In addition, the report presents a preliminary draft of the human amniotic fluid metabolome from women with PTL that shows biochemical intermediates of human metabolism as well as xenobiotics such as salicylamide and bacterial products can be measured in human amniotic fluid.
She had suffered a reaction to her own amniotic fluid, a condition that affects only one in 80,000 births.
The amnion can crack spontaneously, but can also tear after amniocentesis - in which a needle is used to extract amniotic fluid to test for genetic diseases - or foetal surgery.
Sarah Underhill, 37, went into labour and amniotic fluid from her womb entered her blood due to a rare condition.