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thin innermost membranous sac enclosing the developing embryo of higher vertebrates (reptiles, birds and mammals)

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London, Jan 8 (ANI): Scientists at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, have shown that egg white can act as a sealant for the amnion, a membrane that surrounds developing foetuses.
The presence of 2 chorions and amnions at birth confirm that the twins are dichorionic/diamniotic identical twins arising from a single zygote, a relatively rare gestation process (occurring only in approximately 20% of identical twins).
A definite contraindication to delayed-interval deliveries is monochorionicity, because even when babies have separate amnions, delivering a baby from a shared chorion poses a risk to the remaining baby.
Having been excluded from the Western category of sexually attractive women (white, slender, young), she offers in place of cool blond slimness, "My breasts are huge exciting / amnions of watermelon .
The ideal time for initial ultrasound evaluation of multifetal pregnancies is between 6 and 10 weeks' gestation when it is relatively easy to count the number of gestational sacs, heartbeats, and amnions.