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Synonyms for amnionic

of or related to the amnion or characterized by developing an amnion

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Amnionic fluid volume assessment: Comparison of ultrasonographic estimates versus direct measurements with a dye-dilution technique in human pregnancy.
Table: complexes of considered treatments complexes of considered treatments Treatment Complete azote (nitrogen) (3/8%), AA+P amnionic nitrogen (2/1%), nitric nitrogen (1/4%), organic nitrogen (0/3%), organic materials (2%), [p.
23) Evidence that prostaglandins participate in the mechanisms of labor in humans stems from the fact that (1) abortion and labor result from administration of prostaglandins, (2) inhibitors of prostaglandins delay the onset of labor and can arrest preterm labor, (3) elevated prostaglandins are found in amniotic fluid and maternal plasma at term deliveries, (4) prostaglandin precursors, arachidonic acid, are increased in the amnionic fluid during labor, and (5) labor results from intraamnionic administration of arachidonic acid.
Children with renal damage in utero may not produce sufficient quantities of urine to produce adequate amnionic fluids (oligohydramnios), which results in pulmonary hypoplasia (Limwongse & Cassidy, 2004).
Eventually, the ectoderm that lines the amnionic sac develops into the skin and nervous system.
It measures the amnionic fluid surfactants and albumin, expressing the test result as a ratio between these materials.