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Synonyms for amnionic

of or related to the amnion or characterized by developing an amnion

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The presence of a large amount of debris within amnionic fluid is generally resultant of embryonic degeneration.
Thus, review articles, records published in languages other than English, and studies measuring cytokine concentrations from placenta, peripheral blood cells, amnionic fluid, cord blood, or serum sample following stimulation or sample collected in the nonpregnant period were excluded due to the lack of comparability.
Transplantation of amnionic membrane," Ophthalmologe, vol.
Dennis, "Purification and characterization ofa lysophospholipase from human amnionic membranes," The Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol.
Amnionic fluid volume assessment: Comparison of ultrasonographic estimates versus direct measurements with a dye-dilution technique in human pregnancy.
Table: complexes of considered treatments complexes of considered treatments Treatment Complete azote (nitrogen) (3/8%), AA+P amnionic nitrogen (2/1%), nitric nitrogen (1/4%), organic nitrogen (0/3%), organic materials (2%), [p.sub.2][o.sub.5](soluble in water) (6%).
No immunofluorescence was noted within the fetal organs, which implied transamnionic passage of virus (amnionic fluid infection).