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Synonyms for amnionic

of or related to the amnion or characterized by developing an amnion

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Correlation of measured amnionic fluid volume to sonographic and magnetic resonance predictors.
Measurement of pesticides and other toxicants in amnionic fluid as a potential biomarker of prenatal exposure: a validation study.
It measures the amnionic fluid surfactants and albumin, expressing the test result as a ratio between these materials.
Recent medical advances have made it possible to determine the sex of a baby earlier than the fifth month of gestation, by either testing fetal chromosomes removed from the placenta at three months gestation, or by testing the amnionic fluid at the fourth month of pregnancy.
Also, AFSCs sidestep any controversy involving embryonic stem cells and the use of embryos in research since they come from the amnionic fluid that surrounds a fetus during pregnancy and is discarded after delivery.