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(pregnancy) extraction by centesis of amniotic fluid from a pregnant woman (after the 15th week of pregnancy) to aid in the diagnosis of fetal abnormalities

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Approximately half of the amniocenteses provided evidence of fetal CMV infection, both in primary infection (16/33) and nonprimary infection group 1 (7/15), but only in 17.
Marks: Right, because 90% to 95% of the amniocenteses we are doing are coming back normal.
NEW YORK -- Amniocenteses performed after 21 weeks' gestation caused nonlethal complications in 3% of 365 procedures, but other invasive prenatal procedures done after 21 weeks were riskier, Dr.
Using a mathematical model and historical data, we found that the maternal serum screen had greater sensitivity and lower false-positive rates in detecting Down syndrome, compared with basing risk on age and conducting amniocenteses accordingly.
There has been a continuing reduction in amniocenteses for AMA despite a concurrent reduction in the cut-off age for offering AMA-based testing.
2,3) Treatment options include removal of excess amniotic fluid through serial amniocenteses (amnioreduction), fetoscopic laser coagulation of communicating vessels, selective fetocide, and perforation of the membrane that separates the twins (septostomy).
This finding, based on a review of almost 4,500 amniocenteses done on fetuses aged 11-20 weeks in Alberta, Canada, during 1994-1997, is from the largest study so far to examine the impact of early second-trimester amniocentesis on foot malformations, according to Dr.
These shortcomings are, however, put into perspective by a multi-centre audit of 23 genetic laboratories, which found that, in over 98 000 amniocenteses performed after Down syndrome screening, only about 1% of autosomal chromosome abnormalities were not detectable by QF-PCR.
and three perinatologists who performed a total of 1,399 amniocenteses from Jan.