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Synonyms for amnesiac

unable to remember

Synonyms for amnesiac

a person suffering from amnesia


Related Words

suffering from a partial loss of memory

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'She should appear at the hearing, if she is really from the North, and show the Filipino people how she'll help the Amnesiac 6 remember their suspicious cash transactions.'
Washington, April 23 ( ANI ): Neuroscientists have described for the first time in exhaustive detail the underlying neurobiology of an amnesiac who suffered from profound memory loss after damage to key portions of his brain.
Unwanted, irrelevant information crowds in and prevents amnesiac patients from recognizing objects, scientists report in the July 12 Neuron.
FILM The Bourne Supremacy (ITV, 10.35pm) Matt Damon stars as an amnesiac assassin fighting for survival after being framed for a botched CIA operation.
The Bourne Supremacy ITV2, Tuesday, 10.30pm Matt Damon returns as Robert Ludlum's amnesiac spy Jason Bourne.
Of course, it is easy to play politics with the situation, as the current opposition is doing, conveniently amnesiac about its own culpability in the decline of recent years.
AN AMNESIAC accountant who claimed he could not remember what he had done with pounds 220,000 he stole from taxpayers was ordered today to pay back nearly pounds 120,000 of the cash or face an extra nine months in jail.
Memoir of an Amnesiac is the nonlinear account of a Haitian-born girl who lived and became a woman in Montreal, where Dominique lived from 1970 to 1979.
Read by Grammy-winning audiobook producer Stefan Rudnicki, Lord Valentine's Castle is the unabridged audiobook rendition of Neubla Award-winning author Robert Silverberg's science fiction classic about a young, amnesiac apprentice juggler hired by a traveling troupe, amid a planet shared by a diversity of alien races as well as humans.
Here Andi, amnesiac and drifter, is still running from her only memory--of an event in a Santa Fe bed-and-breakfast.
Cal Wyatt as he deals with a female mental hospital inmate who seems to be an amnesiac. In the confines of the asylum, Wyatt must figure out Rachel's problems, and in the process discovers much about memory and why his previously heavily Freudian believes may not be as correct as they were.
MEMOIRS OF A TEENAGE AMNESIAC is a fine story of discovery and change and will intrigue many teen readers.
Mike Nelson was also shortlisted for his Amnesiac Shrine, which includes a maze of mirrors.
The moment between moments that you don't even notice--In "Mercury Champagne", Ed Derringer finds out exactly what those moments mean as he's pursed by an amnesiac self-proclaimed Assurance Agent called John Stanford through a strange world along a winter highway found on the north end of reality.
Naomi falls down the steps in front of her school, bangs her head and finds herself an amnesiac. She does not recognize her best friend, her boyfriend or the boy who rides in the ambulance with her and may have saved her life.