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Synonyms for amnesiac

unable to remember

Synonyms for amnesiac

a person suffering from amnesia


Related Words

suffering from a partial loss of memory

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When researchers removed some of these common features, amnesiac participants' performance shot right back up, suggesting that memories of the objects' elements were indeed hindering performance.
The movie can essentially be boiled down to three bravura chase sequences that happen while our favorite amnesiac, black sheep of the black ops spy Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) pieces together his past on his way back to the Manhattan lab that made him.
Radiohead also delivered with a mixture of a handful of unreleased tracks and classics from OK Computer and The Bends and a few lesser-known tracks from Amnesiac and Kid A.
Bellona's residents (mostly poor and black) live on looted cans of food; there's no economy to speak of, gossip is the most highly valued commodity, and a gang of thugs (eventually headed by the main character, Kid, an amnesiac and possibly Native American poet) runs a haphazard protection racket.
The overarching impression it left--one that a woefully thin hang and laughable "just the facts" press release only underscored--was of a curiously amnesiac attempt at "back-to-basics," a self-defeating retreat from the brutality of fact into the banality of illustration.
There's the gluttony caused by spiritual, intellectual, and ethical malnutrition, growing weedy-wild after 30 years' proselytizing of an ideology of sunnily upbeat amnesiac mean-spiritedness.
From the "cowards, bullies and clowns" (as critic Robert Fothergill famously described them), to the benumbed figures trapped in the technological murk of the 1980s, to the amnesiac masculine mists of Guy Maddin and Robert Lepage, the Canadian cinematic male has always been somehow incomplete or deficient, if not downright gravely wounded.
Dominic Purcell is an amnesiac brainiac who helps cops solve crimes while searching for his long-term memory on the new series John Doe.
But last season at the age of ten, Florida Pearl won three Grade 1 chases and a Grade 2, with his victory over Best Mate in the King George a triumph so memorable that even the most chronic amnesiac could never file it under `forget'.
This summer's other mega spy-novel adaptation, The Bourne Identity, is about an amnesiac with some serious personal identity issues (namely, that he's an assassin).
Regulars included a cross-dressing dairy farmer, an amnesiac hermit, and "an Elvis groupie who believed the King had personally intervened to get her a job at eBay processing payment checks.
By demonstrating how destructive it is for her characters not to know their history, she suggests how damaging such an amnesiac approach also is for the nation.
EXCITING action picture with Geena Davis as a small-town mum who is really an amnesiac secret service assassin whose dark past is about to catch up with her.
Theresienstadt - Terezin), for which Sebald or one of his stand-ins is the mournful archaeologist, supplying not just minute descriptions but old photographs and illustrations to document the vanished past and the miserable, amnesiac present.
The novel contrasts the amnesiac Savinien's desire to know the world and be known with a guarded Jennifer's plan to disappear without a trace.