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the ion NH4 derived from ammonia


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conjugatum with application of ammonium thiosulfate, whereas the lowest (4.42 mg/kg) was observed in the shoot of L.
On average, application of ammonium thiosulfate or sodium cyanide increased the concentration of Hg in the shoots by 75% and 45% compared to treatments without application of ligands.
Effect of drip application of ammonium thiosulfate on fumigant degradation in soil columns.
Transformation and detoxification of halogenated fumigants by ammonium thiosulfate. Env Sci Technol 2000.
Three controls were tried: ammonium thiosulfate; paraquat; and vinegar, which earlier reports had indicated might be a control available to organic growers.
Costs for materials were $12 per sprayed acre for the vinegar, $2.40 for the ammonium thiosulfate, and $0.94 for the paraquat.