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the ion NH4 derived from ammonia


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juncea shoots was increased with the addition of the HCl and a mixture containing ammonium oxalate, oxalic acid, and ascorbic acid to the soil after 6 weeks of plant growth.
SACHEM's Avanta AC[TM] Advanced Precipitating Agent combines the best attributes of ammonium oxalate with increased solubility of the oxalate solution in water, a wider pH operating range and the potential to reduce emissions.
indirect measures such as the iron dissolved by ammonium oxalate solution which is used by the largest commercial laboratory in Western Australia.
Tenders are invited for Purchase of various chemical/ items for Biochemsitry Department of Medical College (1 Acrylamide Crystals 500 gm 1 Adipic Acid 500 gm 2 Agar 500 gm 1 Albumin 500gm 1 Ampicillin 1 gm 1 Ammonium Oxalate 500gm 1 Ammonuim Molybdate 100 gm 1 4-Amino Antipyrine 25gm 2 Aniline 500 ml 1 Argnine 25gm 1 Alpha-Napthol 100 gm 2
1991), now widely used in Western Australia; the pH of the soil measured in sodium fluoride as recently recommended by Gilkes and Hughes (1994); and the amount of Al and Fe extracted from the soil by ammonium oxalate (Schwertmann 1964).