ammonium nitrate

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used as an explosive and fertilizer and rocket propellant

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These contracts for supply of ammonium nitrate (the contracts) that were concluded provided for 100% advance prepayment, a payment term employed by all Ukrainian suppliers of chemical fertilisers.
Ammonium nitrate from the plant will underpin predicted growth across the Pilbara mining sector.
After West, some legislation passed authorizing fire officials to inspect ammonium nitrate facilities and fine them as much as a few thousand dollars if they found hazards.
Aim of the Research is to confirm the effect of nitrogen dioxide on the nature and intensity of ammonium nitrate thermolysis in an open system.
The five tonnes of ammonium nitrate have since been moved to an undisclosed location, according to police.
Last week, police said they had detained another man after the ammonium nitrate was found at his residence in Larnaca.
Initially, ammonium nitrate is a colorless crystalline salt, NH4NO3, used for fertilizers, explosives, and solid rocket propellants.
Ammonium nitrate production was aimed partly for use in Algeria's agricultural sector and partly for export.
About 82 kg of ammonium nitrate was recovered in Mahoba earlier.
A police officer has reportedly said off the record that the entire consignment of ammonium nitrate was heading
GAO investigators were unable to even identify the number and location of facilities storing ammonium nitrate.
International Resource News-February 14, 2014--Orica signs long-term Ammonium Nitrate supply agreement with CF Industries
7 metric tons of ammonium nitrate and around 40 grenades during patrols in late September in the Kidal region.
explosion in West, Texas have fallen in line with the city and filed suit against CF Industries, a producer of ammonium nitrate.
Ammonium nitrate explosives for civil applications; slurries, emulsions and ammonium nitrate fuel oils.