ammonium ion

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the ion NH4 derived from ammonia


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Protons from OH-groups will transfer to ammonia molecules to generate ammonium ions. During that time, ammonia acts as a solvation-supported proton transport, which is similar to the Grotthuss mechanism.
Zeolite accumulation in the stored waste and its physicochemical properties allowed adsorption of both ammonium ions (N[H.sub.3]) and ammonia gas (N[H.sub.4]), decreasing their volatilization and; therefore, decreasing its concentration within the facility (ZIMMERMANN, 2014).
Armagan, "Removal of ammonium ion from aqueous solution using natural Turkish clinoptilolite," Journal of Hazardous Materials, vol.
As can be seen from Figure 4, the efficiency of ammonium ion removal from sludge liquor decreases from 65 to 9% in 50 minutes of filtering.
Ammonium ions were analyzed through Indophenol Method using UV/Visible spectrophotometer.
Oxidation of several other reducing agents including oxalate, thiosulphate, Ce (IV), ammonia, ammonium ion, arsenious acid and hydrogen peroxide (House, 1962; Wilmarth and Haim, 1962) by peroxodisulphate in presence of [Ag.sup.+] ion have also been investigated and it was found that the kinetic order is first for both [S.sub.2][O.sup.2-.sub.8] and [Ag.sup.+] but zero in reductant.
Amino acids, proteins, peptides and ammonium ion are the main components of the nitrogen fraction of musts and wines.
The chemical analysis of water determined a high content of suspended substances, nutrients, ammonium ion, total nitrogen, organic matter with low degradability, total organic carbon, orthophosphates, total phosphorus, arsenic and chromium.
This indicates that Gap1p inactivation by ammonium ion has very limited or no effect on phenylalanine uptake.
The solution was mixed thoroughly and then added to a PMMT and polymerizable quaternary ammonium ion monomer mixture while being continuously mixed by ultrasonic.
The authors even contradict many reports in the literature, reporting that is not the extracellular nitrogen exhaustion that takes the production of citric acid but the limitation of intracellular nitrogen, accompanied by increasing intracellular levels of ammonium ion and energy (ATP).
Dasgupta, "Fluorometric measurement of aqueous ammonium ion in a flow injection system," Analytical Chemistry, vol.
Where in the aqueous solution, ammoniac nitrogen can be classified into ammonium ion [N[H.sub.4.sup.+]] and free ammonia [N[H.sub.3](aq)] which are released from many industrial plants of coke, fertilizers, and metal finishing [2].