ammonium ion

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the ion NH4 derived from ammonia


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Zeolite accumulation in the stored waste and its physicochemical properties allowed adsorption of both ammonium ions (N[H.
The dimensions of the corresponding matrix were 47 samples x 5 amines plus 17 aminoacids and ammonium ion.
Use of recycled sewage treatment effluent, furthermore, may expose metallic surfaces to elevated concentrations of highly-corrosive ammonium ions due to incomplete treatment of this human waste by-product.
During the nitrification process nitrifying bacteria oxidize ammonium ions and ammonia into nitrite and finally into nitrate.
One popular liquid cleaner contains an active ingredient called THPS Tetrakis (hydroxymethyl) phosphonium sulfate and can be formulated with an ammonium ion or organic phosphonate to speed up the dissolution of iron compounds.
The ammonium ion in the compound comes from the decomposition of nitrogen-rich organic material, says Skulan.
Around 95% of this ammonium ion was excreted by the nauplii through their gills [Kormalik and Cameron, 1981; Regnault, 1987; Almendras, 1994].
According to Wilding and Blanton (1982), the determination of urea in fertilisers is impaired when ammonium ion is the predominant source of nitrogen, but many procedures that incorporate urease have been shown to be suitable for urea-based fertilisers (Table 2).
Reduced forms include reduced nitrogen as the ammonium ion, (N[H.
A key difference between the SMA amic acid water solution and traditionally used ammonium salt solutions of acrylic or SMA resins is that the amic acid solutions contain no free amine or ammonium ion.
diameter acrylic plastic, was filled with 4 ft of cation exchange (softening) resin as part of an effort to reduce the concentration of ammonium ion entering the copper pipe corrosion test loop (2).