ammonium ion

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the ion NH4 derived from ammonia


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During the nitrification process nitrifying bacteria oxidize ammonium ions and ammonia into nitrite and finally into nitrate.
Ammonium ion adsorption with sepiolite: use of transient uptake method.
The ammonium ion in the compound comes from the decomposition of nitrogen-rich organic material, says Skulan.
According to Wilding and Blanton (1982), the determination of urea in fertilisers is impaired when ammonium ion is the predominant source of nitrogen, but many procedures that incorporate urease have been shown to be suitable for urea-based fertilisers (Table 2).
A key difference between the SMA amic acid water solution and traditionally used ammonium salt solutions of acrylic or SMA resins is that the amic acid solutions contain no free amine or ammonium ion.
There is also a known method of ammonium ion removal from water, when bacteria oxidize ammonium into nitrite and then to nitrate (nitrification process) (Janda and Rudkovsky 1994; Yang 1998; Andersson et al.
The treatment of clay layers with the nonbonding organic ammonium ion enlarges the surface area through replacement of small [Na.
Nitrification inhibitors are compounds that delay bacterial oxidation of the ammonium ion (N[H.
R4 and R5 are independently a C1-C6 alkanediyl unit and X is COOH or a carboxylate group in the form of sales with an alkali metal ion or an ammonium ion.
The potentiometric sensor for urea determinations is based on an ammonium ion-selective electrode (ISE) based on nonactin with immobilized urease to convert urea to bicarbonate and ammonium ions.
Zeolite 13X for adsorption of ammonium ions from aqueous solutions and hen slaughterhouse wastewaters, Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers 43(3): 393-398.
Moreover, because ammonium ions appear to be required for its stabilization, the A-A bonding can be 'switched' on and off by controlling their concentration.