ammonium chloride

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a white salt used in dry cells


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A broad endothermic peak was pragmatic up to 1000 [degrees]C in TGA, perhaps, due to the formation of ammonium azide during the decomposition of ammonium chloride and urea.
Once the HDG surfaces present a temperature between 400 and 450[degrees]C when they are removed from the molten zinc bath, the decomposition of the ammonium chloride is likely to occur during powdering with ammonium chloride which can be clearly observed in the industrial facilities because white fumes form during this step, as shown in Fig.
After 20 minutes of room temperature incubation in the dark, red cell lysis was initiated with 2 mL of buffered ammonium chloride (made fresh from 10X stock), followed by 8 to 10 minutes of incubation, without washing.
Nitrogen (N) deficiency is common, so N fertiliser is applied, usually as ammonium chloride, ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulfate, or urea.
The investigators exposed whey powder to 80% relative humidity, controlled by ammonium chloride in desiccators, for 24 hours immediately before analysis.
Coated products include: malic, citric & ascorbic acid, ammonium chloride, castor & granulated sugar and salt.
The flux paste I continuously find is part number 0-F-506 and NSN 00-255-4566, and it contains zinc chloride and ammonium chloride.
Nitrogen sources for rice production commonly include urea and ammonium sulfate; however, Japanese rice production relies almost exclusively on ammonium chloride (Tisdale et al.
This producer of zinc chemicals, including active zinc oxide, zinc carbonate, zinc ammonium chloride and zinc sulfate, has its own rubber compound laboratory with rheometer, tensile strength meter roller mills, etc.
Pastika said Amrozi stored 1 ton of bomb-making materials including ammonium chloride, sulfur and aluminum powder for about six months before finally starting Oct.
A small amount of red cells in the white cell layer was cleaned out by lysing with ammonium chloride followed by centrifuging at 400 g for 10 min.
Commonly used expectorants include ammonium chloride, squill and ipecacuanha.
Production Capacity Products (Tonnes/Year) Caustic Liquid, Solid and Flakes 88,400 Sodium Hypochlorite 20,000 Bleaching Powder 4,500 Ammonium Chloride 3,000 Hydrochloric Acid 60,000 Chlorine Gas 76,000 Chlorine Gas (Liquefied) 8,000
The basic principle of Solvay process is splitting ammonium chloride solution from a suspension of natrium bicarbonate through a reaction between salt solution and ammonium carbonate.