ammonium carbonate

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a carbonate of ammonium

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Comparison of the cross-link densities established by ammonium carbonate, bicarbonate, and carbamate revealed no significant differences when equivalent amounts of latent ammonia were charged to the formulation (Table 1).
Regeneration of ammonium carbonate after salting out AUTC crystals was mastered.
Pure AUTC crystals were pulped with ammonium carbonate, after hydrocycling centrifuged and thereafter calcined in horizontal tube furnace in air-free conditions up to get [U.
The separation was compared with that obtained using ammonium carbonate buffer with the same two columns in series.
The ammonium carbonate buffer was prepared by dissolving ammonium carbonate (J.
The urea is hydrolyzed into ammonium carbonate by enzymatic reactions.
3] or ammonium carbonate to precipitate from a calcium carbonate solution (Solvay process).
The basic principle of Solvay process is splitting ammonium chloride solution from a suspension of natrium bicarbonate through a reaction between salt solution and ammonium carbonate.
Zircon test bars with 20 volume percent silica were infiltrated with zirconium ammonium carbonate solution.
Mixes of ammonium carbonate and yeast that come with some of the traps attract houseflies, blow flies, biting stable flies.
A core material, such as ammonium carbonate, was ground to a suitable size distribution and encapsulated by a modified solvent evaporation or coacervation technique.
However, we have shown in this study that if the pendant acrylic acid groups are first pre-neutralized with aqueous ammonium hydroxide and then ammonium carbonate is added prior to AZC addition, then colloidal stability is maintained and a stable ionomer dispersion is obtained.