ammonium carbonate

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a carbonate of ammonium

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grade manganese (II) chloride dihydrate (Merck), ammonium carbonate (Scharlau), ethanol (Scharlau), sodium nitrate (Scharlau), HCl (Merck), NaOH (Merck), KBr (Merck), were used as received.
Using a comparative approach under semi-field conditions, we (1) assessed the effect of adding ammonium acetate and ammonium carbonate to beer waste and to the commercial baits Nu-Lure[R] Insect Bait, Buminal[R], and Bugs for Bugs[R] Fruit Fly Bait, on the response of males and females of B.
Comparison of the cross-link densities established by ammonium carbonate, bicarbonate, and carbamate revealed no significant differences when equivalent amounts of latent ammonia were charged to the formulation (Table 1).
Differentiate between baking powder, baking soda, and ammonium carbonate.
The wells were covered with aluminum foil with punctures and placed inside a closed desiccator for 2 days for crystal growth by the slow diffusion of gases released by the decomposition of ammonium carbonate placed inside the desiccator (Rajamani et al.
The process of chemical concentrate repurification by salting out ammonium uranyl tricarbonate (AUTC) crystals with ammonium carbonate was introduced in 1952.
Grafted bagasse is an environmentally safe oil absorbing material composed of compressed sugar crane reacted with the following compounds:10% stearic acid, 4% zinc oxide, 2% t-butylamine, 2% sodium hydroxide, and 1% ammonium carbonate.
Baking ammonia, an old-fashioned leavening agent and predecessor to today's baking soda and baking powder, is also known as ammonium carbonate.
Baseline separation was achieved for all six species as well as for the internal standard (potassium hexahydroxy antimonate V) in a single chromatographic run of less than 30 min, using an ammonium carbonate buffer gradient (between 10 and 50 mM) at ambient temperature, in conjunction with cation- and anion-exchange columns in series.
The urea is hydrolyzed into ammonium carbonate by enzymatic reactions.
3] or ammonium carbonate to precipitate from a calcium carbonate solution (Solvay process).
The basic principle of Solvay process is splitting ammonium chloride solution from a suspension of natrium bicarbonate through a reaction between salt solution and ammonium carbonate.
Zircon test bars with 20 volume percent silica were infiltrated with zirconium ammonium carbonate solution.
The Che Guevara plant, nominally of 30,000 t/y capacity, and another plant of similar size under construction with Soviet technical and financial aid at Las Camariocas, use an ammonium carbonate leaching process followed by drying the concentrates and leached sediments.