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one of the coiled chambered fossil shells of extinct mollusks


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Ammonite faunas and palaeobiogeography of the Himalayan belt during the Jurassic: Initiation of a Late Jurassic austral ammonite fauna // Palaeogeogr.
Relative values: A modern 50p coin in the middle of the fossilised shell of a 190 million year-old Jurassic ammonite.
A countermarked coin described here provides evidence that ancient Greeks created artistic portrayals of ammonite fossils, although they probably valued them more for their religious significance rather than for their significance for the study of natural history.
2), consists of skeletal limestone rich in inoceramid [Inoceramus halticus (Boehm)] and ammonite remains (Fisher 1965).
N-D-B (325) probably derives from Ammonite rather than Phoenician.
Then, when you get to the largest known ammonite - it's this thing about 6 1/2-feet wide and looks like a giant snail, so you can't miss it - veer right.
The older daughter bears a son called Moab, the younger a son called Ammon, and the two sons father the Moabite and Ammonite tribes.
Upon arriving at the Pacific, "Raptor Red hears the ammonite jaws crunching the big crustacean, and she pulls her head back.
Included in the mix are unusual works made from prehistoric fossils and geodes and 70 million-year-old ammonite shells.
Warfield 'Skip' Hobbs, Managing Partner, Ammonite Resources Company
It is thought the rocks contain examples of ammonite fossils, a now extinct group related to squids.
There's even an ammonite graveyard, where hundreds of large coils are still buried in the rock.
and World Fantasy Awards, and six Lambdas for science fiction and crime novels and short fiction that includes Down the Path of the Sun (1990), Ammonite (1993), and Always (2007).
The former changing rooms will be converted into new toilet facilities and a water/mist feature in the shape of ammonite fossils will be built on the promenade below a covered events area.
The ammonite was discovered in sediment, which formed at the bottom of the ocean during the Cretaceous period - on a surface that 128 million years later would lie at the top of the Dolomite mountains in the Alps.