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Ammonifying and nitrifying capacity is the important soil parameter that determines nitrogen status and conditions of plants' nitrogenous nutrition.
This article presents the results of research of temperature, moisture, and density influence on nitrifying and ammonifying capacity of sod-podzol soil in the east of nonchernozem zone.
The main aim of this study is to determine the factors of physical properties of sod-podzol soil that are optimal for nitrifying and ammonifying processes.
Nitrifying and ammonifying capacity of soil was estimated after two-week composting [2,7,8].
The study of temperature influence on nitrifying and ammonifying capacity of soil has shown that at temperatures below zero (-10.
Change of physical properties factors of sod-podzol soil influenced the developing nitrifying and ammonifying bacteria, nitrifying and ammonifying capacity, and mineral nitrogen content.
Moistening conditions optimal for developing nitrifying and ammonifying bacteria were formed at a soil moisture of 20-25% (60-75% WFC).
The number of ammonifying bacteria was significantly greater than that of the control, increasing by 96.
The number of ammonifying bacteria and kalium- solubilizing bacteria in sterilized soil was significantly decreased by 56.
The studied soils has widespread ammonifying bacteria assimilating organic (accounting for the MPA) and mineral (on SAA) forms of nitrogen.
05 mL samples of dilutions from 10-3 to 10-7 (in sterile deionized water) were spread in triplicate onto the following media for culturable microbe enumerations, bacteria were determined in the culture medium of Beef-cream and Peptone, actinomycete were determined in the culture medium of improved Gao 1, fungi on Martin's agar, azobacter was determined on Ashby- Sucrose agar medium, ammonifying bacteria on protein agar medium, aerobic cellulose-decomposing bacteria on agar according to Waksman, organic phosphorus- solubilizing bacteria on Meng Jina's agar, inorganic phosphorus-solubilizing bacteria on the culture medium of calcigenol simple and glucose, potassium-solubilizing bacteria on potassium aluminium silicate agar (Xu and Zheng, 1986).