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Kinetics of urea hydrolysis and binding of ammonia to wheat straw during ammoniation by urea.
Fermentation with sellulotik functions to break down cellulose so that the digestibility of feed increases with the production of fungal biomass, itself an enrichment of foodstuffs with high-quality protein, so the effect of fermentation itself is more effective when combined or proceded by ammoniation for the supply of nitrogen.
Detoxification of aflatoxin in artificially contaminated maize crop by ammoniation procedures.
Destruction of aflatoxins in contaminated maize samples using ammoniation procedures.
Ammoniation is a process of treatment of farm waste (straw) by adding caustic soda (NaOH), sodium hydroxide (KOH) or urea (CO(NH2) 2.
The section on biomaterials science reports on recent advances in treatment of dye wastewater by zero valent iron composited organobentonite, the use of 6-ginergol against fatigue, isolation and identification of ammonibacteria and ammoniation characteristic analysis, and identification of ZAG protein as a novel serologic biomarker candidate for liver cancer.
CalArts President Steven Lavine said Choy follows a long line of students honored for their work in character and experimental ammoniation.
Ammoniated hay toxicosis (bovine hysteria, bovine bonkers, crazy cow syndrome) is a health problem that occurs if a toxin is produced during ammoniation.
In several model studies, hydroxypropylation, ammoniation, or treatment with reducing agents lessened the inhibitory effect of lignin on cellulose or cell wall hydrolysis by rumen microflora (Sewalt et al.
Nitric Phosphate--Fertilizers made by processes involving treatment of phosphate rock with nitric acid or a mixture of nitric and/or sulfuric or phosphoric acid, or all three acids, usually followed by ammoniation.