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treat with ammonia

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Further, treatment of cocoa pod with either ammoniation or Phanerochaete chrysosporium fungi apparently increases the proportion of rumen degradable protein over the undegradable protein, thus contributing to the increase of ammonia concentration.
This may be due to the short duration of ammoniation employed in the current experiment, a factor that may have limited the hydrolysis of ester linkages in PC-LCC and thereby limited the access of EFE to hydrolyzable carbohydrates.
Urea ammoniation compared to urea supplementation as a method of improving the nutritive value of wheat straw for sheep.
Ammoniation works by irreversibly converting AF B1 to less toxic products such as AF D1.
Ammoniation has resulted in a significant reduction in the contaminated peanuts and cotton seed meals (Marquardt, 1996).