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Synonyms for mercury

a heavy silvery toxic univalent and bivalent metallic element

(Roman mythology) messenger of Jupiter and god of commerce

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the smallest planet and the nearest to the sun

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temperature measured by a mercury thermometer

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DOHMH (2005) reported the case of mercury poisoning in a 22-year-old woman who used a skin-lightening cream containing ammoniated mercury. This product, Recetas de la Farmacia Normal--Crema Blanqueadora, which had been brought to the United States from the Dominican Republic, contained 6,190 ppm mercury.
The chemicals most commonly involved include para-phenylenediamine (PPD) and other aniline dyes derived from coal tar, ammoniated mercury, lead and other toxic metals as well as the bleaching agent, peroxide.
(4) Inorganic mercury salts such as calomel and ammoniated mercury chloride have been used in the past for the treatment of certain skin disorders, such as psoriasis.
Barr et al., "Nephrotic Syndrome in Adult in Africans in Nairobi." British Medical Journal, April 15 1972; Sun Chee-Ching, "Allergic Contact Dermatitis of the Face from Contact with Nickel and Ammoniated Mercury in Spectacle Frames and Skin-lightening Creams." Contact Dermatitis vol.
The laboratory results indicated that ajar of 200 ML contained 18 grams of ammoniated mercury. However, mercury-based skin-bleaching soaps, creams and ointment with different brand names are still available in Canada.