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The feeding value of ammoniated flox straw, wheat straw and wheat chaff for beef cattle.
In particular, there were distinctive absorption bands, matching mixtures containing ammoniated minerals, associated with wavelengths that can't be observed from Earth-based telescopes.
A significant improvement in weight gain was observed due to feeding of ammoniated wheat straw under stall-fed condition (Misra et al.
Effects of mulberry leaves to replace rapeseed meal on performance of sheep feeding on ammoniated rice straw diet.
Trace element nutrient field testing soil fertility profile modelling alien as suburb to suck in fallout like hydro which was just showing up around then, or amphetamine go-getter injected in ammoniated toilets, confusable with powders raining down from clothes, hair, environs: the cut.
Skim latex, a byproduct of the highly ammoniated latex concentrate processing technique, is not easily recycled into new rubber products.
Nonprotein nitrogen-induced ammonia toxicosis and ammoniated feed toxicity syndrome.
5]); the washed and dried concentrate - with OJSC "Kokand superphosphate plant" (Kokand city) for production of ordinary ammoniated superphosphate (1.
Lamb Production at Confinement, Feeding With Rations of Ammoniated Sugar Cane Bagasse, Corn by Products and Poultry Litter Until the Sacrifice
A high level of adhesion between nylon and rubber can be obtained by using the ammoniated GenTac Dip at a 100% GenTac level.
Nighthawk recommends avoiding any cleaning products that contain trichloroethylene, ammoniated solvents or strong alkaline solvents.
Skin lightening products also may contain mercury in the form of mercury chloride and ammoniated mercury.
2007b) studying the behavior of confined sheep fed ammoniated elephant grass with 5% urea, plus 40% of cocoa meal or palm cake, and Burger et al.
It plans to build an integrated ammoniated phosphate fertiliser plant with low operating costs.