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In particular, there were distinctive absorption bands, matching mixtures containing ammoniated minerals, associated with wavelengths that can't be observed from Earth-based telescopes.
that confirmed none of their products contain fillers or ammoniated beef.
Exogenous enzymes added to untreated or ammoniated rice straw: Effects on in vitro fermentation characteristics and degradability.
canlynol: "Cymorth i wella yr Influensa Rwsiaidd: Ammoniated tincture of quinine ' oz, Essence of peppermint - oz, Bromide of ammonium ' oz, Spirit of sweet nitre ' oz, Simple syrup made by boiling 1lb lump sugar in half pint of DIOLCH yn fawr iawn i J Ellis-Jones, Hen Golwyn am ei lythyr diddorol ac addysgiadol am bara gorig, ffisig sgwells a Gees Linctus.
The once or twice-daily application of ophthalmic ointments containing 3% ammoniated mercury, (11) or 1% yellow mercuric oxide, (13) have also suffered the same fate after regulatory authorities decided that the possible adverse effects of chronic use of mercurial compounds outweighed the potential benefits.
Early treatment of psoriasis included the use of various traditional agents such as arsenic, ammoniated mercury, crude coal tar, anthralin, corticosteroids etc.
DOHMH (2005) reported the case of mercury poisoning in a 22-year-old woman who used a skin-lightening cream containing ammoniated mercury.
Savant NK, Tambe KN (1979) The Langmuir parameters of orthophosphate and pyrophosphate sorption for ammoniated tropical soils.
2] the mixture is left for almost 5 min under a strong agitation at room temperature, then the obtained ammoniated resin is treated and quaternised.
Unlike lung-busting ammoniated solvents like Sweet's 7.
The chemicals most commonly involved include para-phenylenediamine (PPD) and other aniline dyes derived from coal tar, ammoniated mercury, lead and other toxic metals as well as the bleaching agent, peroxide.
Ascomycin also forms ammoniated molecules that undergo CID, but in this case the major product ion is [M+[NH.
4) Inorganic mercury salts such as calomel and ammoniated mercury chloride have been used in the past for the treatment of certain skin disorders, such as psoriasis.
Our Gloss Max inks are not ammoniated, are extremely high pigmentation, and require almost no maintenance whatsoever," said Michael Cushing, national sales manager for American Water Graphics.