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Synonyms for ammoniac

the aromatic gum of the ammoniac plant


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pertaining to or containing or similar to ammonia


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While the EEB was satisfied with the inclusion of methane and ammoniac in the emissions covered by the new directives, it was quite unimpressed with the binding objectives being postponed to 2030.
For secondary example: In polar climates, the human frame, to maintain its due caloric, requires, for combustion in the stomach, the most highly ammoniac food, such as train oil.
En 2015, les exportations de produits petroliers (brut, gaz naturel liquefie, propane, butane, fuel, ammoniac...) a partir du port d'Arzew ont ete, elles aussi, superieures en quantite (+11%) et inferieures en valeur (-38%) par rapport a 2014.
With the startup of the third ammoniac/urea unit at Marvdasht Petrochemical Plant with a capacity of 680,000 tons of ammoniac and 1.075 million tons of granule urea, Iran's ammoniac production capacity has reached 4.5 million tons a year and its urea production capacity stands at 5.5 million tons a year.
Scheme of catching of volatile products of coking: 1 - coke oven; 2 - gas collector; 3 - gas pipeline; 4 - settler-fluxing agent separator; 5, 6 - pipe coolers 7 - condensate settler; 8 - tar tank; 9 - ammonium hydroxide tank; 10 - turboblower; 11 - electric filter; 12, 13 - ammoniac columns; 14 - phenolic unit; 15 - centrifuge; 16 - saturator; 17 - entrainment separator; 18 - oil refrigerator; 19, 20 - scrubbers
The temperature window is so narrow that ammoniac reagents could not mix with flue gas thoroughly and have no enough residence time to decompose and react with N[O.sub.X] adequately, which leads to lower N[O.sub.X] reduction efficiency (30-50%).
concrete ice-rink floor, sand, clay, phreatic water, bacteria, algae, bees, chimera peacocks, snails, aquarium, black switchable glass, textile cone, incubator, human cancer cells, genetic algorithm, augmented-reality program, automated ceiling structure, rain, ammoniac, logic game.
There were Bleu cheeses from Roquefort, cooked and pressed cheeses from the mountainous regions of France, and soft cheeses with strong, ammoniac aromas.
Some diners are leery of century eggs - maybe after encountering a badly prepared, ammoniac one in a traditional Chinese restaurant - but this one, served with slices of pickled ginger to balance the richness of its runny yolk, lives up to its reputation.
As the only company which produces and sells diverse high-purity gases including fluoric, chloric, bromic, and ammoniac gases, SDK offers ideal gases for production processes of its customers.
The content of lactic acid and acetic acid was at a high level, and the ammoniac nitrogen content was in limit ranges.