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Synonyms for ammoniac

the aromatic gum of the ammoniac plant


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pertaining to or containing or similar to ammonia


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In its second phase, the project will add 660,000t/y or ammoniac and 1.
Our Mono and Multi Module Series products provide our customers high yields in many different climates and locations, including those with high levels of salt content or ammoniac gas.
Mean annual structure of water river Neris and recirculated water in shop of ammoniac production of joint-stock company "ACHEMA" River Turnaround Parameter Neris cycle of shop Alcalinity, mg.
They explained that nicotine was used in pesticides, citric acid was used in wax, ammoniac was used in detergents, and that methanol was used in rocket fuel.
Jews worked as tailors, money-lenders, glass polishers, money-changers, engravers, producers of salt and ammoniac, fortune-tellers, midwives, and prostitutes.
We have shown that when Prussian blue is dissolved in ammoniac solutions, it produces hydrogen cyanide, a substance that could have played a fundamental role in the creation of the first bio-organic molecules, as well as other precursors to the origin of life, such as urea, dimethylhydantoin and lactic acid," said Marta Ruiz Bermejo, lead author of the study.
Nitrogen and foul/smelling ammoniac are also released.
AaAa Efforts made by both countries have recently allowed for taking several decisions like the opening the first Moroccan cultural centre (over 100,000 Moroccans live in Libya), and the signing of a memorandum of understanding between Morocco's state-owned phosphate company (OCP) and Libya-Africa Investment Portfolio for the construction of phosphoric acid, ammoniac and fertilizers production units.
Within the same context of environmental protection and the fight against atmospheric pollution, we give instructions for the setting up of a new ammoniac emission processing unit to process the DAP Ghannouche plant emissions and to fight against atmospheric sulfur pollution at the port of GabE s.
Kuiper an opponent, argued that the Saturnean rings consist not of the usual ice, but of ammoniac, upon which Kuiper's objections were been based, but subsequently retracted by him.
was determined as ammoniac nitrogen by the indophenol blue method, and absorbance of the solution was measured by a spectrophotometer at 670 nm.
In the second scenario, the contestant was required to choose which of halegene 'halogen lamp', ammoniac 'ammonia', ephemeride 'ephemeris' and vermicelles 'vermicelli' is feminine.
PVFCC and OCP have also agreed on plans for an ammoniac plant in Vietnam or a third country, the statement said, without providing a timetable for the project.
The ammoniac quality of brie, for instance, can render many wines, red and white alike, bitter-tasting.
I have a fiendish plan," said Ammoniac, after a moment prodding the fire with his trident.