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Synonyms for ammonia

a water solution of ammonia

a pungent gas compounded of nitrogen and hydrogen (NH3)

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This revealed a number of hot spots, "dry" regions that are devoid of clouds and condensable gases, particularly opaque billows of ammonia. Analysis of the new VLA data suggests that areas where this ammonia is concentrated extend right up to the base of where Jupiter's clouds form.
Early in Friday's outing, the spacewalkers reported seeing flakes of ammonia when disconnecting some of the equipment, but the crew was never in any danger, said NASA commentator Rob Navias.
"We have various ideas when it comes to the ammonia in Organa.
In 1982 a third plant, 580 t/d of urea and 1,000 t/d of ammonia, came on stream.
Jorge Requena, Fertial chief executive officer, said: "Fertial has embarked on an ambitious plan to revamp its ammonia plants in Algeria and we are very pleased to enter into a contract with KBR to help us achieve our strategic objectives," said
As ammonia gas condenses and flows through the trap, it encounters this zone of the system where the hydrogen creates a low partial pressure for the ammonia.
In this study, we used doping of BCG to PEDOT:PSS for increasing the sensitivity of sensor to ammonia gas because BCG is basically dye for a pH indicator.
Ammonia or Azane is a compound of nitrogen and hydrogen with the formula NH3.
The saturation temperature is explicitly presented as a function of ammonia vapor mass concentration and saturation pressure of the mixture.
Key words: Activated carbon, Ammonia, Adsorption, Isotherms
It's a system that uses gaspermeable membranes to capture and recycle ammonia from livestock wastewater before the ammonia goes into the air.
According to Li and Zhao (1999), when the concentrations of ammonia nitrogen increased from 50 to 800 mg N-N[H.sub.3] [L.sup.-1], the COD removal rate raised from 97.7 to 78.1%.
The facility's 1 million tonnes per year ammonia production capacity is the largest in Europe and relies on KBR's highly efficient Purifier ammonia technology, said a company statement.
M2 PRESSWIRE-August 23, 2019-: Global Ammonia Capacity and Capital Expenditure Outlook 2019-2030: Asia and the Middle East to Lead Globally in Terms of Ammonia Capacity Additions
As previously reported, Oppenheimer analyst Mark Breidenbach downgraded Synlogic to Perform from Outperform after the company announced interim results from a Phase 1b/2a trial of SYNB1020 in patients with elevated ammonia. While SYNB1020 showed biomarker-based evidence of ammonia turnover, no appreciable reduction in blood ammonia was observed, prompting management to discontinue further development, he notes.