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Synonyms for ammonia

a water solution of ammonia

a pungent gas compounded of nitrogen and hydrogen (NH3)

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Releases of more than 100 pounds of anhydrous ammonia must be immediately reported to EPA's National Response Center and certain state and local officials.
The saturation temperature is explicitly presented as a function of ammonia vapor mass concentration and saturation pressure of the mixture.
Using these materials, the scientists recorded an average removal rate of 45 to 153 milligrams (mg) of ammonia per liter per day when manure ammonia concentrations ranged from 138 to 302 mg ammonia per liter.
The leak occurred in brewery's North Cellar, where the ammonia is used to cool beer.
Cloutier-Lemasters said that one problem with ammonia is that in space the ammonia initially freezes, and settles on the astronauts' suits, like snow.
McKinley projected that his company could produce anhydrous ammonia for around $300 a ton.
The use of ammonia as transportation fuel became cost effective once gasoline broke the $3-barrier.
These tests provided useful measurements of ammonia accumulation in the straw, based on the change in ammonia concentration from in-flow to out-flow.
The state gave Burbank and Los Angeles 3 1/2 years to meet new ammonia limits because of high levels being discharged into the Los Angeles River.
The ammonia concentration is then displayed on a 10mm LCD screen.
Company officials said using ammonia to power fuel cells has multiple advantages over current hydrogen FC solutions.
No one has yet found signs of ammonia in the Huygens data.
Under the deal, TS&B has sold all the Ammonia Hold and Super Dry assets and liabilities to J.
The Society approved an Ammonia as a Refrigerant Position Document at its 2002 Winter Meeting held Jan.
Ammonia Industry Outlook in Belgium to 2016 - Market Size, Company Share, Price Trends, Capacity Forecasts of All Active and Planned Plants provides an in-depth coverage of Belgium Ammonia industry.