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a meter that measures the flow of electrical current in amperes

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This is where ammeters using precision shunt resistors come into play, even if they require a separate means of isolation.
Shunt ammeters are found in almost all digital multimeters (DMMs).
Raw Material : Contact type portable temperature measuring instrument with sensor and batteries, clamp-on volt ammeters
The new ACA-20PC Series digital ac ammeters with easy-to-read LED displays are fully self-contained and, according to the manufacturer, easy to use.
Tenders are invited for Procurement of ammeters and voltmeters (ac & Dc).
Datel's DCA5-2OPC Series are LED display DC ammeters that scale, digitize and display the output of standard 50 mV and/or 100 mV DC shunts.
Datel's DCA-20PC Series, LED Display, digital DC ammeters are 100 percent self-contained and include built-in, precision, low-loss shunts.
2) 1220n003-supply, installation, testing & commissioning of digital panel mounted ammeters in 96x96 sq mm in flush mounted case (similar to model - single phase, class 1.0, code - npamebrita11, make - hpl or si;
Tenders Are Invited For Electrical Item: Supply Of A) 5 Kv Insulation Tester (Qty: 2) B) 10 Kv Insulation Tester (Qty: 1) C) Clamp-On Volt Ammeters (1.2 To 60A, 60-600V) (Qty: 2) D) Clamp-On Volt Ammeters (10 To 500A, 240-500V) (Qty: 2)
Tenders are invited for Dc Moving Coil Ammeter Type 4 Dfm Of M/S Ae Make Or Similar 4 1/2 Or 110 Mm Dia Round Flash Panel Mounted,Fsd-90 Degree,To Be Operated Through 75 Mv Drop External Shunt Accuracy Class 1.5 Is: 1248 Or Latest W/O External Shunt Gc And Calibration Test Certificate To Be Submitted At The Time Of Delivery.The Material To Be Procured In Set Of 2 Ammeters Each Consisting Of - I 1 No Of 300-0-300 Amp.