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a meter that measures the flow of electrical current in amperes

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Although the direct-reading procedure just outlined involves the added cost of the ammeter [A.
Boot up system and check system configuration in the Power Meter Panel and Ammeter Panel.
PID control, autotuning, softstart, RS485 or RS232-C computer interface, digital ammeter with alarm, and run and standby setpoints.
If the abrasive level is low, the ammeter will show a sudden drop from full load amps to no load amps sometime during the cleaning cycle.
A typical test system for resistivity consists of a dc voltage source to provide the stimulus voltage, a series ammeter to measure the stimulated current and a test fixture to connect the sample under test in series with source and the ammeter.
Granulator rate is controlled by an ammeter, so if the grinder exceeds a certain amp level, the conveyor stops.
Tenders are invited for Analog Ac Ammeter Range: 0 - 100 Ma.