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inflammation of the mucous membrane of the mouth

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Different formulations of amlexanox are currently prescribed to treat asthma in Japan and canker sores in the United States.
OraDisc A[TM] is a novel patented mucoadhesive, water-erodible disc incorporating 2mg of amlexanox for the treatment and prevention of aphthous ulcers.
In addition to ULURU's current OraDisc products, amlexanox for the prevention and treatment of canker sores and benzocaine for oral pain, ULURU has prioritized tooth whitening, cough and cold and desensitizing teeth as the lead consumer product developments.
While Access is exploring the use of LexaGard(TM) in the esophagus, in conditions such as Barrett's esophagus, amlexanox has been gaining renewed attention recently as academic studies have shown that it may have broad utility in a number of conditions that are caused or exacerbated by chronic, low-level inflammation, such as diabetes, obesity and a variety of neurological conditions.
Clinical studies conducted on Amlexanox confirm that if the product is used at the first sign or symptom of canker sores, development of the ulcer can be aborted in 65% of patients.
market for amlexanox for the mucositis indication to be roughly $250 million and could be even greater if the product were to be used preventatively by cancer patients.
This moves us closer to achieving our objective of licensing the rights to amlexanox throughout Europe to enable maximum market penetration on receipt of regulatory approval.
This Agreement reflects another step in the Company's strategy to maximize the worldwide amlexanox opportunity.
Paladin") to license for the Canadian market amlexanox 5% paste for the treatment of canker sores.
Amlexanox is marketed in the United States by Block Drug Company under the trademark Aphthasol and a European registration dossier has been submitted to the United Kingdom Medicine Control Agency by the licensee Strakan Ltd.
OTC BB:AXCS) today announced that the product license application for amlexanox 5% paste for the treatment of canker sores has been submitted to the UK Medicine Control Agency by Strakan Ltd.
OTC BB:AXCS) today announced that it has signed a binding Letter of Intent with Strakan Limited to license amlexanox 5% paste for the treatment of canker sores for the United Kingdom and Ireland.
These activities are focused on the advancement of the Polymer Platinate AP 5070 into clinical development, developing new dosage forms and line extensions of the approved product amlexanox and developing product candidates from our advanced drug delivery platforms.
License agreement granting Discus Dental the US marketing rights for amlexanox 5% paste and OraDisc(TM) A.