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the direct method of cell division characterized by simple division of the nucleus without formation of chromosomes

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Cell loss is especially apparent in amitotic tissues, such as central nervous system (CNS) neurons and cardiac muscle.
Some fields may show binucleate cartilage cells, indicating a process of amitotic division, but most are monocellular and mononucleate.
1-2, 3a-g; 11a), the ovarian germinal epithelium consists of somatic NPs and germ cells, including amitotic oogonia (AOs); irregularly or conically shaped residual vitellogenic primary oocytes (RVPOs); and a few large residual ova (Os) (Fig.
Cadmium chloride, they have found, will promote growth of the MCF-7 human breast cancer cell line, cells that are normally amitotic in the absence of estradiol.
No signs of proliferation, mitotic or amitotic, can be found in any of the cells.