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any substance involved in metabolism (either as a product of metabolism or as necessary for metabolism)

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Attempted abortion with aminopterin (4-aminnpteroglutamic acid).
These drugs include aminopterin sulfasalazine, pyrimethamine, triamterene, trimethoprim, and methotrexate (N.
aminopterin in Phase II in patients with persistent, recurrent or refractory endometrial carcinoma
Abstract #464: "Pharmacokinetics of talotrexin (PT-523), a novel aminopterin analogue, in patients with non-small cell lung cancer" will be presented on Friday, November 10th from 12:00pm - 2:00pm.
Good examples of vitamin antagonists include isonicotinic acid hydrazide (antagonist of pyridoxine), aminopterin (folate antagonist), dicumarol (vitamin K antagonist), and avidin (interferes with biotin absorption).
or other markets; -- Chemicals such as melamine and aminopterin, which have been found in recalled pet foods, are not used in any of the company's processes and, in fact, are not allowed for such applications in the U.
wheat gluten contaminated with aminopterin, a toxin used in some countries as rat poison.
The substance in the food was identified as aminopterin, a cancer drug that once was used to induce abortions in the United States and is still used to kill rats in some other countries, said Patrick Hooker, state agriculture commissioner in New York, where scientists are investigating the tainted pet food.
The fused cells were cultured in 96-well plates in DMEM (Invitrogen) containing 200 mL/L fetal calf serum, 200 mmol/L glutamine, 10 g/L OPI (oxaloacetic acid, pyruvic acid, insulin), and 20 g/L HAT (hypoxanthine, aminopterin, thymidine; Sigma) at 37 [degrees]C in a 5% C[O.
Abstract #2052: "Pharmacokinetics of PT-523, A Novel Aminopterin Analogue, in Patients with Solid Tumors.
We immediately sent our canned and dry formulas to an independent lab to be tested for all chemicals including the Aminopterin and Melamine that are causing such a great scare.
Hybrid cells were cultured in medium containing aminopterin, hypoxanthine, and thymidine (HAT medium) with 100 mL/L fetal calf serum.
Talotrexin is a novel, non-classical antifolate that is a water-soluble, non-polyglutamatable analogue of aminopterin.
Aminopterin Next Promising Drug in Clinical Development
Optimem 1 with Glutamax-1 and HAT supplement (hypoxanthine, aminopterin, and thymidine) were products of Life Technologies.