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a theophylline derivative that is used as a bronchodilator in the treatment of bronchial asthma, emphysema, and bronchitis

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Comparative Efficacy and Safety of Caffeine and Aminophylline for Apnea of Prematurity in Preterm (a$?34 weeks) Neonates: A randomized controlled trial.
(1) Aminophylline tablets (Xinhua, Shandong, China, 0.1 g/tablet) were crushed prior to administration to the animals.
We hypothesized that intravenous caffeine is as efficacious as intravenous aminophylline and associated with relatively less adverse effects in the management of preterm neonates with AOP.
To quote from the latest Cochrane review on the matter:(tm) 'The use of intravenous aminophylline did not result in significant additional bronchodilation compared to standard care with inhaled [beta.sub.2]-agonists ...
Intravenous aminophylline does appear to be clinically beneficial for children with severe exacerbations, defined as an FE[V.sub.1] of 35%-40% of predicted value.
The thigh cream researchers, George Bray, M.D., of Louisiana State University and Frank Greenway, M.D., of UCLA, reported at the North American Association for the Study of Obesity (NAASO) that the asthma drug aminophylline reduced the thighs of 11 women by about half an inch when applied daily for six weeks.
A short trip was made to the nearest small town where a clinic doctor who handles camp problems prescribed aminophylline elixir, a drug which dilates the air passages making it easier for an asthmatic to breathe.
The cream contains aminophylline, a prescription drug for asthma when taken internally.
Of the generic samples tested, only one, Aminophylline, used for treating asthma, had minor deviations from acceptable limits.
The damages were awarded to a two-year-old boy who suffered severe mental impairment as a result of the administration of a drug, aminophylline, manufactured by Wyeth.
The doctor leading the ground-breaking research believes the common asthma drug aminophylline -- whose A-origins go back nearly 90 years -- could save 60,000 unborn UK children each year.
Mr Whalley, from St Helens, went into hospital with the lung condition COPD in November 2011 and was prescribed two doses of aminophylline to stop him from wheezing.
Objective: Aminophylline which is clinically used as a bronchodilator antagonizes the action of adenosine so it can be used to shorten the recovery time after general anesthesia.
Among the products' ingredients are aminophylline and theophylline (both asthma drugs), essential oils, botanical extracts and AHAs.