aminobenzoic acid

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a derivative of benzoic acid

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Among these conducting polymers, poly(aminobenzoic acid), which is one of polyaniline derivatives, is a conducting polymer containing electron-rich nitrogen atom and high electron density of carbonyl group.
* Ethanol or ethanol containing 5% para aminobenzoic acid (PABA) was applied to pieces of human skin prior to exposure to 30 mJ [cm.sup.-2] solar simulated radiation.
* Para aminobenzoic acid (oldest sunscreen to be used, causes staining of clothes)
These include naturally occurring molecules such as chiorophylls, porphyrins, phthalocyanines, flavins, thiazine dyes, acridine dyes, anthraquinone dyes, xanthene dyes, hypercin, tetracyclines, sulfanilamides, psoralens, nalidixic acid, coal tar derivatives, chlorpromazines and aminobenzoic acid derivatives, to name but a few.
In this study, three chemical reagents p-aminobenzoic acid (PAB), m-aminobenzoic acid (MAB), and o-aminobenzoic acid (OAB) were selected as the starting monomer of the polymerization for comparing the activities of these polymers as photocatalytic sensitizer, because they have a carboxyl group located on the para-, meta-, or ortho-position of amino-group in the benzene ring, it will be polymerized into a poly (aminobenzoic acid) with straight-chain structure.