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a plastic (synthetic resin) made from amino compounds

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The CP material used the coal dust, which was generated from the underground drilling construction as filler, and was supplemented by amino resin as binder, and added some other additives, such as cross-linking, foaming, toughening, and coupling agents.
According to these results, it can be said that all resin films showed excellent water and salt water resistance and modification of PET-based epoxy ester resins with amino resin has significantly improved alkaline and acid resistance of films.
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EBCI's products include synthetic latex resins, Alkyd Resin, Acrylic Resin, amino resins and unsaturated polyester resins with a total production capacity of 70,000 tons a year.
Amino resins with viscosity less than 3.0 mPa.s may be a new class of amino resin composites for application in the coating industry.
"With this acquisition, Cytec becomes one of the world's leading suppliers of specialty chemicals to the coatings industry, and creates a combined Cytec entity of approximately $3 billion based on 2004 pro forma revenues excluding Surface Specialties' amino resin produce line," said David Lilley, chairman, president and CEO of Cytec.
However, this also lowers the storage stability of amino resins. Melamine-formaldehyde (MF) resin is generally made by reacting melamine with formaldehyde in mildly alkaline pH conditions between 7.5 and 8.5, as in the first reaction stage for the UF resin synthesis.
Our previous research work evaluated the effect of pH on a one-step-process (OSP) used as a new synthetic route for developing amino resins for paint formulations (Barminas and Osemeahon, 2006).
As already said EBCI produces specialty chemicals--unsaturated polyester resin (UPR), Alkyd & Amino resin (AAR) and synthetic latex resin.
It is more advantageous to mix isocyanate prepolymers with lowcost amino resin, preferably UF resin.
Petrowidada also produces maleic anhydride (MA) as a by product used mainly as a feedstock for synthetic resin in unsaturated polyester resin, alkyd & amino resin, fumaric acid and vinyl resin industries.
pigmentation on the hydrolysis of amino resin crosslinked epoxy can coatings--Saminu Musa Magami, Peter K.T.
Petrowidada also produces by product maleic anhydride (MA) which is widely used as a feedstock in the production of synthetic resins in unsaturated polyester resin, alkyd & amino resin, fumaric acid and vinyl resin industries.
King Industries introduced new curing agents, including NACURE catalysts for amino resin coatings, that improve adhesion to aluminum and galvanized steel, contain chromate-free basic pigments, and cure at low temperature.