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the radical -NH2

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25] stated that amino-treated CNTs can easily integrate the epoxy matrix via covalent bonding between amino groups on the CNT surface and the epoxy matrix.
Among the cross-linked tissues, free amino group concentration was minimal in tissues cross-linked with EDC for 24 h and maximum in tissues cross-linked with EDC for 72 h (Fig.
Due to the presence of carbohydrate in soy products, some Maillard browning would be expected due to the potential reaction between exposed amino groups on amino acids and reducing sugars, especially where product processing temperatures exceed 150[degrees]C [23].
Nine contributions by 16 international academics and researchers provide chemists with information about applications, detailing complex syntheses using the amino group as templates and modern techniques focusing on the introduction of the amino group.
The amino group loses hydrogen, while the neighboring carboxyl group loses a hydroxide group.
Branching probably occurs as substitution in the secondary amino group in the reaction with MMU or BMU.
In addition, chitosan has reactive amino groups on pyranose rings and becomes a cationic polymer upon the protonation of its amino groups.
The monograph covers its application -- from natural products to synthetic pharmaceuticals -- detailing complex syntheses using the amino group as templates and modern techniques focussing on the introduction of the amino group.
For chitosan/xanthan hydrogels there are two ionizable functional groups present: the carboxyl group in the xanthan and the amino group in the chitosan.
Chitosan is composed of copolymers of glucosamine and N-acetyl glucosamine with two free hydroxyl groups and one primary amino group for each C6 structure unit.
05 part by weight and less than 3 parts by weight a compound (D), such as a monofunctional epoxy compound, capable of binding to a terminal amino group of the polyamide resin at a temperature not lower than the melting point of the polyamide resin (C).
The aldehyde group of the glucose first forms a Schiff base with the NH2-terminal amino group, which then rearranges to a more stable amino ketone linkage by a spontaneous (nonenzymatic) reaction known as the Amadori rearrangement.
Separate chapters list protection for the hydroxyl group, phenols and catechols, the carbonyl group, the carboxyl group, the thiol group, the amino group, and the phosphate group.
The density of the primary amino group required for protein immobilization depends on the protein.
Although investigators also have identified the chemical group--a so-called amino group (1)--with which acetaldehyde interacts, the exact chemical structures of the stable adducts have not yet been resolved.