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the radical -NH2

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Because that compound carried an amino group and this functional group could provide a suitable environment for anion transfer by being protonated easily in acidic media.
In case of complexes with p- and m-isomers of PDA the splitting and low-frequency shift of absorption bands of amino groups and the presence of the bands related to free amino groups demonstrates coordination of cadmium on nitrogen atom only of one of N[H.
The free amino group contents of native and acellular pericardium is presented in table 5.
3]NHBoc (5) was reacted with TFA in DCM to remove the Boc protecting group, and the side-chain amino group was then converted to [N.
2]) is the free primary amino group content in polypeptide or protein, mmol/g; wt(Lys.
The amino group of the aminoacids modified by acetyl, methyl, formyl groups and etc.
Aspartame is a dipeptide of L-phenylalanine methyl ester and L-aspartic acid bearing an amino group at the ?
Heterocycles including amino group can be considered as useful intermediates in organic synthesis.
The amino group went back from glutamate to pyruvate;
Here, in o, m and p-Nitrobenzoic acid only nitro group, reduced by Bakers' Yeast into amino group without affecting carboxyl group (fig: 1).
Lysine is particularly more sensitive than other amino acids because of its free primary epsilon amino group.
It is found mostly as a zwitter ion, in which carboxyl group deprotonated and the amino group protonated [11]
Each of these 20 amino acids has a positively charged amino group and a negatively charged hydroxyl group in their structure.
Amino group chemistry; from synthesis to the life sciences.