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Amino acid pool in patients with obstructive jaundice before and after operative removal of obstructions to outflow of bile.
Aliquots of the homogenate were taken for determination of the intracellular-specific activity of [.sup.14]C-glycine in the free amino acid pool and determination of the total amount of radioactivity incorporated into protein.
The expressions of ATG8- and ATG4-related genes are enhanced under sucrose starvation in Arabidopsis suspension cells, possibly generating intracellular amino acid pools and bioenergetic resources [12].
Proteins also occur in xylem, and the amino acid profiles of proteins were far more balanced than the free amino acid pool. GWSS feeding on xylem fluid of Navel induced a significant increase in amino acids in bound in protein form, and for both Navel and Chardonnay there was an increased efficiency in assimilating amino acids when GWSS fed on GWSS-caged shoots compared to control shoots.
This is the most abundant amino acid in muscle and plasma (comprising over 60% of the free amino acid pool).
Kielland (1995) then considered amino acid concentrations in water extracts of four different Alaskan ecosystems, and observed serine, glycine, aspartate, glutamate, and arginine to account for [greater than]50% of the free amino acid pool. Vermudolls of the Jura Mountains extracted with [K.sub.2]S[O.sub.4] likewise possessed alanine, glycine, and glutamate as major components of the rapid-turnover N fraction (Lemaitre et al.
Sweet proteins neither introduce non-natural metabolites into the body nor disturb the balance of the amino acid pool. Other sweeteners when decomposed may cause adverse effects.
Subsequently, the following were measured: (1) rates of alanine transport, (2) change in intracellular specific activity of alanine in the precursor free amino acid pool, and (3) incorporation of radioactive alanine into protein.
Effects of turbidity on calcification rate, protein concentration and the free amino acid pool of the coral Acropora cervicornis.