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Amino acid pool in patients with obstructive jaundice before and after operative removal of obstructions to outflow of bile.
14]C-glycine in the free amino acid pool and determination of the total amount of radioactivity incorporated into protein.
Proteins also occur in xylem, and the amino acid profiles of proteins were far more balanced than the free amino acid pool.
AC Caribou harvested at 600 GDD showed an increase in total N and total amino acid pools from the time of the third harvest (7 Oct.
Kielland (1995) then considered amino acid concentrations in water extracts of four different Alaskan ecosystems, and observed serine, glycine, aspartate, glutamate, and arginine to account for [greater than]50% of the free amino acid pool.
Sweet proteins neither introduce non-natural metabolites into the body nor disturb the balance of the amino acid pool.
Reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography was used to separate and quantify the different amino acids in the embryos and larvae of the ethanol (70%)-extracted free amino acid pool (see Fig.
Effects of turbidity on calcification rate, protein concentration and the free amino acid pool of the coral Acropora cervicornis.