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Synonyms for amino

the radical -NH2

pertaining to or containing any of a group of organic compounds of nitrogen derived from ammonia


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Dedicated amino acid analysis is the gold standard technique for the separation of amino acids.
Each block of three of these letters--known as a codon--signals a cell's protein-making machinery to add a particular amino acid to a lengthening chain.
Specifically, the company has succeeded in screening normal and pathological (diabetes) animal models using Amino Index.
It has been generally accepted that there is a wide diversity in amino acid sequences and sources of antimicrobial peptides," says study co-investigator Michael Yeaman, a professor of medicine at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.
Because peptide physico-chemical properties stem from their content of specific classes of amino acids--acidic, basic and nonpolar amino acids--it should be possible to model the functional properties of proteins directly from amino acid composition.
An amino acid alignment of all distinct HMPV F sequences (representing amino acids 20-233 of the prototype strain NETH-001), as well as those of other metapneumoviruses and pneumoviruses, is shown in Figure 2.
An amino acid is an amphoteric organic acid containing both a basic amino group (N[H.
They also have a protein-sparing effect, making more amino acids available for structural purposes rather than using them for energy.
Osaka, Japan) has patented a human parathyroid hormone mutein which comprises at least one modification selected from the group consisting of (i) deletion of 3 to 6 amino acid residues on the N-terminal side in the amino acid sequence of human parathyroid hormones, (ii) substitution of another lipophilic amino acid residue for at least one methionine residue in the amino acid sequence, and (iii) substitution of a cysteine residue for one amino acid residue within the region of amino acid residue Nos.
It was well known that protein molecules were built up out of amino acids, but it was not known in just what manner those amino acids connected with each other.
Among those constituents: certain amino acids (the building blocks of protein), choline (which isn't, but perhaps should be, considered an essential nutrient), and ordinary old carbohydrates.
Patten gave 15 ALS patients L-threonine, an amino acid, doses from 2 to 4 grams daily with no ill effects.
Amino Vital([R]) amino acid-based sports nutrition products, developed by Ajinomoto North America, Inc.
Ajinomoto has announced an important breakthrough in the use of amino acids for beverages.
AMINO, Frellstedt, Germany, has completed a leveraged management buyout of the amino acids business of AMINO GmbH.