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pertaining to or containing any of a group of organic compounds of nitrogen derived from ammonia


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The application of some polydentate Schiff base compounds containing aminic nitrogen as corrosion inhibitors fro mild steel in acidic media.
Naugalube aminic antioxidants provide good protection against degradation due to heat and oxygen, and have free radical scavenging ability over a wide range of recommended operating temperatures from 100[degrees]C to 250[degrees]C.
This expansion is our response to growing demand for aminic antioxidants as a result of changing motor oil specifications in North America," said Frank W.
A higher ordered structure can be observed for nanocomposites with MA-g-PP, probably due to the reaction between the aminic groups (from elastamine excess) with the maleated group.
The aminic hardener of these coatings contained emeraldine-base polyaniline (EB-PANi).
Low molecular weight polyesters, polyamides, and fatty acids with carboxylic acids, phosphoric ester, and aminic associative groups fall into the first category.
Irgazone 997 is a novel p-phenylene diamine (PPD) aminic antiozonant, antioxidant and antifatigue agent for vulcanized rubber applications.
Great Lakes Performance Additives and Fluids offers a complete range of fire-resistant fluids, phosphate ester anti-wear additives, and phenolic and aminic antioxidants.
Synthesis of the main oligo-polyol families, including: polyether polyols, polyester polyols, polybutadiene polyols, acrylic polyols, polysiloxane polyols, aminic polyols
This indicates that in the nanoparticle formation and stabilization the aminic nitrogen is playing an important role.
56) Novel aminic antidegradants with improved properties.
Forsen and coworker [3] employed specific aminic hardeners (which are solvents for the EB form of PANI) first to dissolve EB and then to crosslink with the epoxy resin.
In BIIR and CIIR, aminic substances such as PPDs are known to act as crosslinkers and their use in these elastomers will lead to scorch problems while the cyclic acetal has no effect on the curing behavior here (figure 7).
The combination of the reversion resistance accelerator systems where no aminic decomposition is observable with a coating that builds a physical barrier of high elasticity to oxygen is under further investigation.
In this testing procedure, aminic antioxidants always indicate a better performance, due to their ability to protect rubber against high temperature, with all disadvantages like extractability, discoloration and toxicological question.