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pertaining to or containing any of a group of organic compounds of nitrogen derived from ammonia


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Unlike MEKO, the proprietary aminic complex is not harmful to humans and only in concentrated form can be harmful to aquatic life if discharged directly into watercourses.
The application of some polydentate skiff base compounds containing aminic nitrogens as corrosion inhibitors for mild steel in acidic media.
The main problem appears to be that the increase in the proportion of the relatively sensitive aminic function of the hydroxybenzylamine bridges formed renders the panel more sensitive to water, as can be noted in Table 1 from the increase in the 24-hour cold water swelling value.
Crompton Corporation's Petroleum Additives business plans to expand Naugalube[R] aminic antioxidant capacity at its manufacturing facility in Elmira, ON.
The reported synthetic process [25], besides requiring severe experimental conditions, proved to be difficult to control in terms of number of substitution of the aminic protons.
Sodium (E)-66'-(ethene-12-diyl)bis(3-(4-(2-hydroxyethylamino)-6-(2-methoxy-5-sulfonatophenylamino)-135-triazin-2-ylamino)benzenesulfonate) (5c) Yield: 65%; 1 H-NMR: (300 MHz DMSO-d 6 ): d H 9.40-8.28 (m 8H Aminic and Hydroxylic) 7.99-6.94 (m 12H Aromatic) 5.18 (m 2H Vinylic) 3.88 (s 6H 2 x OCH 3 ).
The aminic hardener of these coatings contained emeraldine-base polyaniline (EB-PANi).
Low molecular weight polyesters, polyamides, and fatty acids with carboxylic acids, phosphoric ester, and aminic associative groups fall into the first category.
Antioxidants highlighted include phenolics, thiosynergist heat stabilizers, synergistic and thiosynergistic, organo-phosphite, multifunctional, thioester and aminic types.
Irganox 1135 phenolic antioxidant and Irganox 5057 aminic antioxidant are both low viscosity liquids that exhibit favorable resistance to scorch, textile staining, and fogging.
Such interactions lead to partial positive charges on the carboxylic carbon and make it liable to nucleophilic attack by aminic nitrogen [18].
Irgazone 997 is a novel p-phenylene diamine (PPD) aminic antiozonant, antioxidant and antifatigue agent for vulcanized rubber applications.
A higher ordered structure can be observed for nanocomposites with MA-g-PP, probably due to the reaction between the aminic groups (from elastamine excess) with the maleated group.
(56) Novel aminic antidegradants with improved properties.
This indicates that in the nanoparticle formation and stabilization the aminic nitrogen is playing an important role.