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a compound derived from ammonia by replacing hydrogen atoms by univalent hydrocarbon radicals

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Personal care to be the largest application of amines by 2020
We have decades of experience in the development and manufacturing of amines and hold a leading position globally with regard to these versatile intermediate products.
Nothing that will have a go at you," Amine responds.
The data comes from "World Amines," a new study from the Cleveland-based industry market research firm.
Amines demand growth in pesticides will moderate following a prolonged period of strong advances.
21 g of amine was added to 22 g of organic phase (UP in styrene) and mixed at low speed.
Results of tests of the Amine Shield slipstream unit in the Aramco plants showed that suspended-solids removal rate across the unit reached up to 90 per cent.
The programme offered by QSRTC will improve the overall amine plant operation, causing fewer unforeseen upsets and unscheduled shutdowns that may incur significant cost penalties.
Chuck Martin, Strategic Marketing Manager for Gas Processing & Gas Transmission, will present a technical paper on Methyldiethanolamine (MDEA) Oxidation in Flue Gas CO2 Capture, which is a case study demonstrating Dow Oil & Gas' track record of success in meeting lower CO2 specification needs utilizing specialty amines solutions.
Amine oxidases present a class of enzymes, which are divided into two main groups based on the chemical nature of the attached cofactor.
Pasadena, CA) has patented methods for chemically transforming compounds using a mutated enzyme, and more particularly a method for the production of an amino acid from a target 2-ketoacid, the production of an amine from a target ketone and the production of an alcohol from a target ketone.
Detergents and cleaning products, and agricultural chemicals will remain the two largest amine markets, despite slightly below average gains due to maturity in most applications.
Additives for PUR foam include amine, morpholine, organometallic catalysts; crosslinkers, chain extenders; and silicone/ nonsilicone surfactants.
The oligomers were formulated into coatings with several amine functional crosslinkers at varying stoichiometric ratios and cured at different temperatures.