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Synonyms for amidships

at or near or toward the center of a ship

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We complied with his request, but before Captain Rooks could carry out his plan, the ship took another torpedo on the starboard side amidships; almost immediately afterward, she took another on the port side amidships.
The engines were mounted amidships atop the platform and were covered by a flat steel hood, upon the front of which was the operator's seat.
Conveying that I was blind to the crew, the second crewman and I began nervously scanning out as we were rapidly approaching the amidships position.
Bring on the croquet and quoits amidships Converted corvettes with cabins en-suite Peace is the word on everyone's lips.
A few weeks later, a mine struck the ship amidships as it was moored ve miles o the coast of Normandy.
Below deck, the 640' s amidships master suite stretches the width of the 16-ft beam and covers about 225 sq ft.
This has a small impact on Ichi Ban's IRC rating, though it was considered a worthwhile penalty overall and has the added advantage of keeping crew weight on the rail, rather than spread all around the boat grinding winches and trimming sails amidships and from leeward.
S/SGT David Koblitz and S/SGT Bruce Tuthill forced open the bomb-bay doors amidships and with gloved hands furiously dumped equipment and shiny brass belts of ammunition into the frigid air.
The car has features like a 22-kilowatt lithium ion battery mounted amidships. It provides power to a rear-mounted electric motor that turns the rear wheels.
The 180-foot vessel, 80 feet across amidships, drew 14 feet of water, with a speed of six knots.
One slit amidships on the rabbit and the hide peels off from middle-to-head, middle-to-tail.
His fatalistic account of political tragedy--a possibly posthumous, loose-ended memoir, curiously trapped inside a closed temporal loop--conveys a terrible, visceral sense of enclosure akin to Odysseus in the Cyclops's cave or Arthur Gordon Pym amidships. Capable of subtle lyricism, deep pathos, and macabre realism, the novel spins a web of bravura love, crazy camaraderie, deception, betrayal, hatred, and vengeance, then doubles back to shadow its own episodes and probe its narrative reliability, sorrowfully aware that in Miranda both the executioner's and the narrator's faces are well hidden.
The aircraft rolled over in an inverted flat spin and then broke in half amidships. Lt.
What the world is doing at Prestbur y Park CHELTENHAM'S affable communications officer Andy Clifton was in seventh heaven while escorting the lovely Claire Sweeney from interview to interview in the morning, but he was brought back down to earth in the most literal sense just hours later when one of the runners parading for the Coral Cup lashed out with both barrels and caught him amidships while he was seeking to keep others out of danger.
Still bound in its sailcloth covering, the journal, written in a bold, florid hand, relates in a chatty and informative prose on 80 sides of folded laid paper, how Griffiths boarded the 1,351-ton Indian Empire and was billeted in a small house on deck, a little forward of amidships ...