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Synonyms for amidship

located in the middle part of a ship or aircraft

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at or near or toward the center of a ship

References in classic literature ?
Amidships she was wallowing first one rail under and then the other, flooding the waist more often than not.
From somewhere amidships the silence was broken by a low whimpering from the cabin boy.
It was when he was thus below that the cow grazed the schooner just for'ard of amidships on the port side, lashed out with her mighty tail as she sounded, and ripped clean away the chain plates and rail of the mizzen-shrouds.
Delivered squarely amidships, it was the hardest blow the Mary Turner had received.
Once I did succeed in outmanoeuvring Demetrios, so that my bow bumped into him amidships.
Caption: Collapsible drift anchor deployed amidship slows the writer's boat and keeps it perpendicular to the breeze, allowing one angler to cast at the bow, another at the stern.
To ensure that the hull floated correctly, the engine had to be installed roughly amidship.
The habitat deployment barge is a specially designed 130-foot x 40-foot x 7-foot vessel with a 49-foot x 18-foot moonpool located amidship.
The 17T has three mounting positions for the company's Vantage XT Seating: Two anglers may face forward or toward one another ("social tandem," in Hobie parlance), or a solo angler may install a single XT seat amidship.
One torpedo hit Hammann directly amidship and broke her back.
Two Denys-Brown/AEG stabilizers, one amidship on each side of the vessel, can be extended in one minute to reduce and damp out up to 85 percent of the rolling motion in heavy weather.
Motion Characteristics and Maneuverability -- A traditional ship, even with a converted streamer deck, pitches about at a point approximately amidship.
The drive battery is located amidships under the floor, providing a low centre of gravity for stability.
Time and again ball-carrying Welshmen at full pelt were clobbered amidships and thundered back a yard or more.
And one-time James Bond villain Javier Bardem harries everyone amidships as the revengeseeking Salazar, the matador of the sea.