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any organic compound containing the group -CONH2

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1] were respectively assigned to the N--H stretching vibrations of amide groups in the main chains of PrePEEA-50 and N--H stretching vibrations of amide groups in terephthalamide diester units (I) formed from chain extension between terminal HOOC-- groups of PrePEEA and PBOX.
observed in situ synthesis of amide functional MSO-2 among cotton fabrics treated with aqueous ethanolamine NMSO-2.
Even though the average spacing between amide groups is the same in nylon 6 as it is in nylon 6/6, the nylon 6/6 has a melting point approximately 40 [degrees]C higher and is slightly stronger and stiffer than nylon 6 because of details in the molecular spacing that are beyond the scope of this article.
The PC-12 cells were pre-incubated with indicated concentrations of the amides for 20 min, prior to the addition of [H.
Schemes 1, 2 and 3 shows the reactions schemes for the synthensis of Hydroxylethyl Albizia benth oil amide [HEABOA] , Albizia benth oil Polyetheramide (ABOPEtA) and Urethaned Albizia benth oil Polyetheramide (UABOPEtA) respectively.
The distribution of the amide unit sequence length of the polydisperse tetra-amide unit synthesized with an amine-to-ester ratio of 2:3 (d) was studied by analyzing the MALDI-TOF results (see Fig.
Primary amides have limited thermal stability and volatize at temperatures above 400[degrees]F, as is typically seen in cast-film production (usually 500[degrees]F to 550[degrees]F) or extrusion coating (usually above 600[degrees]F).
Paricin 285 and 220 amide waxes recommended for ABS and PVC molding and extrusion.
LONDON -- With the development of new post-emergent herbicides in China, coupled with the existing problems in amide herbicides like toxicity and environmental pollution, there is a trend of decreasing market share of amide herbicides.
com announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue: Survey of Amide Herbicides in China
Chemrez operates a continuous-process methylester plant with fractionation-distillation capacity of 60,000 TPY; and a 9,000 TPY amide and specialty plant.
1] assigned to amide groups, free amino groups and saccharide structure, respectively [18].
The new small molecules, which are made from fatty acids and a combination of one, two or three different amide groups, hydrogen-bond to one another to form the supramolecular networks.
The particles are comprised of polymers produced from monomers having different glass transition temperatures, the difference in glass transition temperatures ranging from 50-260[degrees]C, and exhibiting phase segregation between areas of differing glass transition temperature within each particle, such that when the coating is applied to a substrate, the particles form a geometrically ordered array and the coating, when dried, is capable of dissipating frequencies of sound in the range of 400-20,000 Hz, wherein the polymer particles comprise one or more nitrile functional materials, one or more amide functional materials, one or more carbamate functional materials or mixtures thereof and the polymer particles further comprise one or more polyoxyalkylene acrylates.
The concentrations of the ester, amine, and amide functions in the reaction mixtures were measured by determining the ester-amide ratio using FTIR spectroscopy (CO peaks at 1710 [cm.