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Synonyms for amid



in the middle of


  • in the middle of
  • among
  • surrounded by
  • amongst
  • in the midst of
  • in the thick of
References in classic literature ?
Ladies and Gentlemen," he began, amid a sustained interruption from the back.
And so, amid shouting and cheering, our fate was decided, and I found myself borne away in the human current which swirled towards the door, with my mind half stunned by the vast new project which had risen so suddenly before it.
In every flower sat little smiling Elves, singing gayly as they rocked amid the leaves.
Over the whole summit were dense throngs of knights, with no enemy that could be seen to face them, save only that at one corner of the plateau an eddy and swirl amid the crowded mass seemed to show that all resistance was not yet at an end.
Long ere they could gain the level ground, the Spaniards, seeing them riding swiftly amid the rocks, and being ignorant of their numbers, drew off from the captured hill, and, having secured their few prisoners, rode slowly in a long column, with drum-beating and cymbal-clashing, out of the valley.
But Master Coppenole, the hosier, must needs rise of a sudden, and Gringoire was forced to listen to him deliver, amid universal attention, the following abominable harangue.
It is believed there is still doubt over the level of debt involved - nearly pounds 6bn - amid the credit market meltdown.
The proposed merger of Southcross into AMID would be conducted in two separate transactions valued at approximately USD 815m, including the repayment of net debt, the company said.
New Delhi [India], September 27 ( ANI ): Kolkata is an embodiment of an epic jubilee amid Durga Puja.
His intervention came amid reports Theresa May had overruled Mr Hunt, ordering the removal of restrictions on advertising and promotional deals on junk food amid fears they could hit employment in the food industry at a time when the economy was faltering.
Dust clouds the view of Jeddah's corniche amid a raging sandstorm.
Santos noted that respect for the dignity of human life must be maintained amid the government's relentless war against illegal drugs trade.
The MoUs were inked amid the tour of Iranian Minister of Roads and Urban Development Abbas Akhoundi and his discussions with Kyrgyz Minister of Transportation and Communication Zamirbek Aydarov.