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Synonyms for amicable

Synonyms for amicable

of or befitting a friend or friends

Antonyms for amicable

characterized by friendship and good will

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The Minister of Manpower, Mohamed Saffan, announced that several negotiating sessions were held in the ministry, in the presence of representatives of the General Union and a representative of the company's management, in an attempt to resolve the dispute amicably.
Responding to a point of order in the National Assembly, he said that the issue about FATA Reforms Bill will be solved amicably by taking on board all political parties.
A meeting with be held with Prime Minister on Friday to discuss the reforms bill, and I am confident that the issue would be solved amicably," he added.
Summary: Pakistan chief Sethi says decision amicably agreed by all participants
Islamabad -- Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) has demanded to constitute a committee to resolve issue amicably between Judges and lawyers of Lahore High Court(LHC)'s Multan bench.
Of which 149 cases were settled, 114 were referred to the concerned police stations for legal action and 29 cases are in progress", he claimed, saying that the council's members took keen interest in resolving disputes among parties amicably.
The franchise expressed the same willingness to settle the dispute amicably.
Furthermore, if one of the parties proceeds to arbitration and the opposing party fails to raise an objection before the tribunal on the basis that attempts to reach an amicable settlement were not taken, this implies that the parties have failed to amicably resolve their dispute.
Sources said the Home Minister asked them to avoid confrontation and resolve all issues with the Centre and the L- G amicably through cooperation.
This was achieved as part of the reconciliation initiative launched by the Sharjah Police in 2011 to solve disputes amicably using reconciliation methods.
A spokesman issued a joint statement on the couple's behalf which said they "have announced that they have been amicably separated for the past few months".
It is regrettable that there is a dispute going on amongst family members and we'd like that dispute to be resolved as amicably and as soon as possible," President Jacob Zuma's spokesman Mac Maharaj told AFP in an interview.
Summary: IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, and the Lebanese Justice Ministry are working together to create a court-referred mediation program in Lebanon to help resolve commercial disputes efficiently and amicably, supporting economic growth.
However, Cage has settled his legal spat privately and amicably with the disgruntled producer friend a day later.
So for the next 16 years, Dolley's house would not only be the center of Washington life, it would be a place where Dolley, always a conciliator, would make everybody feel comfortable, and where people of opposing ideas could socialize and talk amicably.