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Synonyms for amicable

Synonyms for amicable

of or befitting a friend or friends

Antonyms for amicable

characterized by friendship and good will

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Speaking on the occasion, he said the government was well-aware of the problems of the masses, and was making sincere efforts to resolve them amicably. Provincial Minister for Special Education Punjab Ch.
Kanye West and insurers Lloyd's of London have 'amicably resolved' his $10m (APS7.1m) lawsuit over cancelled tour dates.
Summary: Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], Jan 27 (ANI): The Indian Premier League (IPL) governing council chairman Rajeev Shukla on Sunday assured that the IPL match timings issue will be resolved amicably.
He said that the government was making all out sincere efforts to resolves these problems amicably as well.
Of which 149 cases were settled, 114 were referred to the concerned police stations for legal action and 29 cases are in progress", he claimed, saying that the council's members took keen interest in resolving disputes among parties amicably.
Summary: The participants at the 13th African-Arab Parliamentary Conference, held with the participation of the UAE Parliamentary Division in Rabat from June 26 to 27, called on Iran to immediately commence dialogue with the UAE to settle the issue of the three UAE occupied islands: Tunb Greater, Tunb Lesser and Abu Mousa, amicably in accordance with the principles of international law.
He also stressed to the parties the importance of resolving their Dh614 million-worth of commercial dispute amicably," said Mohammad Amine Mubasheri, CASD's Director.
Cardiff council feels offering land will solve the problem amicably. Only time will tell if that is the case.
Rudolph said: 'Britney and I simply realised that we have done all we can do together and have amicably parted ways after eight years.'
The 31-year-old, who split amicably from her husband, actor John Stamos, last week, dazzled on the red carpet in a peach satin dress and diamond accessories.
"During lengthy meetings between IKEA and City officials, we have jointly and amicably concluded that the proposed IKEA project is not in our mutual best interest.
The news broke this weekend when Janet's publicist announced the couple had separated amicably.
Race director Nick Stanley said: ``We had a slight dispute with Silverstone last season but it's all been resolved very amicably now and I'm delighted to say that we'll be racing there again this season.''.
A Jet Airways spokesperson said that a 'misunderstanding occurred between the cockpit crew,' adding the matter was resolved amicably later.
Islamabad -- Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) has demanded to constitute a committee to resolve issue amicably between Judges and lawyers of Lahore High Court(LHC)'s Multan bench.