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Synonyms for amicable

Synonyms for amicable

of or befitting a friend or friends

Antonyms for amicable

characterized by friendship and good will

References in classic literature ?
Asinus displayed enough of magnanimity to render the interview amicable, and thenceforth the naturalist continued the required route with very commendable industry, but with a much more tempered discretion.
The sight of the old favorite spot always heightened Tom's good humor, and he spoke to Maggie in the most amicable whispers, as he opened the precious basket and prepared their tackle.
Only four per cent of Scottish Amicable ones are not expected not to reach their original target, falling short by an average of pounds 700.
1963 A royal winner in the Nell Gwyn Stakes at Newmarket as Harry Carr and Amicable, trained by Cecil BoydRochfort for the Queen, gets up on the line to pip Dinant, ridden by Bill Williamson for Harry Wragg.
QThe first instalment of my Scottish Amicable pension started on February 1.
Mere days before the court and trustee were going to foreclose, Benedict proposed an amicable de-conversion to the unit owners wherein he would buy out the few shareholders that had paid cash and negotiate with lenders to pay off the others' end loans.
The missions entrusted by Reseau Ferre de France in this market is to - Organize, implement and follow through to completion procedure piecemeal investigation, including the level of responses to the inquiry commissioners; : - Implementation and monitoring of friendly land acquisition until the publication of the title; : - Implement and follow the procedures of expropriation; : - Amicable negotiations of way affected by the temporary occupation; : - Amicable negotiations or in a procedural framework (public inquiry) obligations inherent in the project; : - Diverse client assistance, including providing assistance to compensation for damage to residents.
Summary: DUBAI - The Department of Economic Development (DED) in co-operation with the Dubai Courts (DC) will soon establish a new headquarters of the Centre for Amicable Settlement of Disputes in the Business Village.
On the club's official website Gourlay said: "I am pleased to announce that we have come to a swift and amicable agreement with Ray Wilkins and all unresolved matters have now been settled.
ISLAMABAD/MUZAFFARABAD, November 09, 2010 (Balochistan Times): President Asif Ali Zardari on Tuesday again it clear that Pakistan wants to solve all problems with India in an amicable manner including lingering Kashmir dispute.
With all attempts to reach an amicable solution to the profit sharing issue between producers and exhibitors having reached a deadlock, April onwards there will be no new releases at any of the multiplex chains across the country.
What he has said is that he will be trying to get a result with Fifa and Uefa over the next year, so he will be reaching out to them to get some form of amicable solution," said G14 spokesman James Thellusson.
Life assurer Scottish Amicable, a division of Prudential, was fined pounds 750,000 by the City watchdog yesterday for misselling endowment mortgages.
HIBS managing director Rod Petrie last night said he was hopeful of an amicable settlement with Franck Sauzee following a "positive" private meeting last week.
45), while Amicable can return to early-season form to land the NGK Spark Plugs Handicap (5.