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in an affable manner

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She did not refer to the burning question at all, but she chatted amiably of other matters, and Gilbert understood that he was forgiven under protest.
This part of the conversation was rather unintelligible; but popular rumour in the neighbourhood asserted that Mr Squeers, being amiably opposed to cruelty to animals, not unfrequently purchased for by consumption the bodies of horned cattle who had died a natural death; possibly he was apprehensive of having unintentionally devoured some choice morsel intended for the young gentlemen.
The Hirschwald is a little open wood of silver birches and springy turf starred with flowers, and there is a tiny stream meandering amiably about it and decking itself in June with yellow flags.
Yes, Monsieur,--truth has started," said Rouletabile, smiling amiably,--"on its way to the Chateau du Glandier.
I reckon maybe they're my flies, Aunt Polly," observed Pollyanna, amiably.
It was impossible sometimes to resist this artless little creature's hospitalities, so kindly were they pressed, so frankly and amiably offered.
The conversation began amiably, but just because it was too amiable, it came to a stop again.
Halloa, Bill, old man,' he said, prodding him amiably in the waistcoat with the ferrule of the umbrella.
Mrs Varden quite amiably and meekly walked upstairs, followed by Miggs, who, although a good deal subdued, could not refrain from sundry stimulative coughs and sniffs by the way, or from holding up her hands in astonishment at the daring conduct of master.
He was not unsusceptible of warm attachments in his later life, for when the good bachelor came to live with Mr Garland upon the clergyman's decease, he conceived a great friendship for him, and amiably submitted to be driven by his hands without the least resistance.
Children gazed in wonder at the life-size puppet giraffe who amiably munched on paper leaves and nibbled hats then played on the traditional fairground attractions.
Parr amiably explains the three stages of attention and seven captivation triggers that can save a company or idea from disappearing into oblivion.
It's amiably played by Grant and Tony Curtis, the upstart who impersonated him that same year in Some Like It Hot.
Having successfully taken over the position of amiably bumbling English crime buster from Ben Miller, he was amazed at how tough this second crack of the whip would be.
Open-Face Roasted Veggie Melts pair amiably with steaming mugs of tomato soup.