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Antonyms for ametropic

of or relating to an abnormal condition of the eye in which visual images are not in focus on the retina


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5% ametropic, while anisometropic and strabismic types of amblyopia were 0.
For the ametropic presbyope, all spectacles must be multifocal.
Factors precluding emmetropia included remaining corneal astigmatism and biometry prediction errors in astigmatic and ametropic eyes.
With an ageing population, the multifocal IOL market is set for growth and is being targeted by the major surgical providers--not only for those with cataract but also as a viable option for ametropic and presbyopic vision correction using a clear lens extraction procedure.
10) Some researchers have suggested that although a homeostatic mechanism may be in operation, in ametropic individuals growth may be regulated to a specific dioptric value (other than zero) predetermined by genetics or otherwise.