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a transparent purple variety of quartz

of a moderate purple color

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Legal to Hunt: Indian python, Burmese python, reticulated python, Northern African/ rock python, Southern African python, amethystine python, scrub python, green anaconda and Nile monitor.
Nicky Adams gets a four- day ban from the Brighton stewards for his riding of Amethystine (Ron Hodges), who finishes fourth, but is subsequently disqualified behind Tarn Pure (Charlie Moore/Brian Rouse) in the 10-furlong handicap.
Top left, Boots No17 two coat Lip & Mix Lip Shine in Amethystine with Lipshine Clear (pounds 2.55 for each tube)
She lets her tasselled silken cloak slip down, and only her purple ring still glows, her vinous, her amethystine ring.
Between the two glaciers named above and about 6 km west of the Grimsel Pass lies the upland area called the Zinggenstock, the site of the enormous quartz cleft discovered in 1719 and, ever since then, of rich discoveries of smoky quartz gwindels and of some of the best of Switzerland's rare amethystine quartz specimens.
Other minerals found in the Kafubu emerald area include allanite (small euhedral crystals in rock), amethystine quartz (in a single 10-cm-wide vein), bertrandite (7-mm crystal aggregates replacing beryl), columbite-(Mn), tantalite-(Mn) (prismatic euhedral microcrystals), monazite (euhedral microcrystals), epidote, gahnite, phenakite (crystals to 1 cm enclosed in beryl), plumbomicrolite (brownish yellow crystals to 1 mm), and xenotime (euhedral micro-crystal inclusions) (Seifert et al., 2004).
Many show "fenster" growth (thin faces covering hopper-growth voids), and many show amethystine scepters topping short prisms of quartz of pale-smoky color.
Amethystine quartz is very rare, found only as thin overgrowths on larger smoky quartz crystals.
Varieties include colorless, amethystine and smoky quartz.
Rarely, dark purple amethystine quartz is intergrown with the red hematite-included quartz.
Specimens showing gleaming sprays of colorless to amethystine creedite crystals from the Potosi mine, West Camp, Santa Eulalia district, Chihuahua were first found in quantity around 1970, and the early 1980s saw several major finds, but the bounty ended in the mid-1980s.
Close study reveals the probable paragenetic relationships among goethite, lepidocrocite, calcite and two generations of amethystine quartz in a "skunk" calcite specimen; important uncertainties, however, remain.
Varieties of quartz found within the geodes range from clear to smoky to amethystine, and over 18 different microscopic minerals have been identified within the geodes (Keller 1977).