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a transparent purple variety of quartz

of a moderate purple color

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like those, Dorothea," said Celia, rather falteringly, beginning to think with wonder that her sister showed some weakness, and also that emeralds would suit her own complexion even better than purple amethysts.
Your black silk frock will be quite dress enough, my dear, with that pretty little scarf, and a plain band in your hair, and a pair of black silk stock--Dear, dear,' cried Mrs Nickleby, flying off at another angle, 'if I had but those unfortunate amethysts of mine--you recollect them, Kate, my love--how they used to sparkle, you know--but your papa, your poor dear papa--ah
Some of these masses showed green veins, as if long undulating lines had been traced with sulphate of copper; others resembled enormous amethysts with the light shining through them.
Rings by the dozen, diamonds by the score; bracelets, pendants, aigrettes, necklaces, pearls, rubies, amethysts, sapphires; and diamonds always, diamonds in everything, flashing bayonets of light, dazzling me--blinding me--making me disbelieve because I could no longer forget.
North America's largest commercial amethyst operation is up for sale.
Amethyst just also happens to coincide with Pantone's Color of the Year for 2018, Ultra Violet, so you can be trendy and sober at the same time.
Amethyst Realm appeared on the daytime favourite to tell the world she left her fiancAaAaAeA@ after he caught her having an affair with a spiri
She said: "The purple ones (left) are Amethyst deceiver; the white ones are puffballs and the red spotted one is a fly agaric.
Amethyst Homes, a Consett-based housing developer, has a fine reputation for building communities as well as building stunning, traditionally designed properties.
M2 PHARMA-March 13, 2017-USR Holdings and Amethyst Recovery Center names new chairman and chief executive officer
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 13, 2017-USR Holdings and Amethyst Recovery Center names new chairman and chief executive officer
With the Amethyst Ultra II, Kimber has taken its "what all guns should be" slogan to heart by creating a gun any and all shooters will want for an everyday carry gun.
Our review samples include the Amethyst Ultra II from the 1911 Special Editions Collection and the .
Called the U Amethyst Ultra II, the polished stainless steel slide has that magical amethyst purple PVD coating and scroll engraved border.
Glasgow-based SME Amethyst Research has been funded by the Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE) to develop and demonstrate new infrared sensing capabilities.