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toxic antimetabolite that limits cellular reproduction by acting as an antagonist to folic acid

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Fukumoto, Inhibition of Xanthine Oxidase by Flavonoids by Folate Compounds and Amethopterin, , J.
2011), including antituberculosis drugs (e.g., isoniazid, rifampicin, sodium aminosalicylate), anticancer drugs (e.g., amethopterin, mercaptopurine, asparaginase), antithyroid drugs (e.g., carbi-mazole, thiamazolc, thiouracil), antibiotics (e.g., Chloromycetin, erythromycin, myde-camycin), and antipyretic analgesics (Farrell 1997).
A list of medicines sought by medical supply company Medicuba include potassium chloride, glucose, amethopterin, chlorambucil, and a variety of other pharmaceuticals.