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Synonyms for ametabolic

undergoing slight or no metamorphosis

undergoing no (or only slight) metamorphosis

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However, experienced clinicians and newborn screening laboratories alike recognize that increased propionylcarnitine is not a perfect disease marker and in some large series, an infant with increased C3 species will more likely be categorized as a false positive vs affected with ametabolic disorder (1), an outcome far more desirable than the diagnosis of propionic or methylmalonic acidemia.
The current study has focused on the stability of native proteins in these anoxic, "ametabolic" embryos.
Along with its role as ametabolic derangement marker, plasma FABP4 concentrations should be taken into consideration as an early marker of kidney damage in type 2 diabetes.
It is possible that such low values of heat dissipation in Artemia embryos reflect an ametabolic state, as defined by the absence of processes associated with ATP turnover.