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a radioactive transuranic metallic element

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In the americium project, Meyer and Dares adapted the technology to tear electrons from americium, which requires twice as much energy input as splitting water.
The transuranium elements, Americium (Am), Neptunium (Np), Plutonium (Pu) and Curium (Cm), are the products of nuclear weapons tests and nuclear fuel cycle operations particularly from reprocessing plants [2].
Cascading electrical systems failures of the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant resulted in a massive expulsion of stored radioactive hazards, including varying concentrations of strontium, cesium, plutonium, americium, iodine isotopes, and radioactive noble gases to the environment (IAEA, 2011; National Diet of Japan, 2012; PSR, 2011; Stohl et al., 2012).
Transfer of polonium, neptunium, plutonium and americium to the primate fetus.
"As far as isotopics go, we don't care about the in-growth of americium 241, because in a high-energy Prism reactor it will fission--it becomes fuel.
The radioactive source in smoke alarms, Americium, is a known carcinogenic.
They outline the important thermophysical properties of neptunium dioxide, the vapor pressure, and heat capacity; the results of a study on the vaporization behavior and phase relations in the plutonium oxide system; the vapor pressure of pure americium oxide samples; the variation of the total pressure of plutonium and americium bearing species over the solid solutions; and mass spectrometric investigations of candidate fuels and targets for transmutation of minor actinides.
DTPA can be used for patients who have been exposed to americium, plutonium, or curium.
The primary radioactive materials are: Uranium, Tritium, Radium 226, Americium 241, Thorium, Cesium 137 and Plutonium 239.
Richard Handl said he had the radioactive elements radium, americium and uranium in his apartment because he wanted to try nuclear fission as a hobby, then police showed up.
Plutonium, americium, [sup.90]Sr and [sup.137]Cs in bones of fox (Vulpes vulpes) from Eastern Poland, J.
* Particles of plutonium and americium persist on the atolls' land
(52) Partitioning means the separation of minor actinides, e.g., plutonium, americium, curium or neptunium from the spent fuel or HLW.
[6] Kersting A B, The Role of Colloids in the Transport of Plutonium and Americium: Implications for Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site, p:1-8, Lawrence Livermore Laboratory.
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