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Synonyms for amerce

to impose a fine on

Words related to amerce

punish with an arbitrary penalty

punish by a fine imposed arbitrarily by the discretion of the court

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FAS of Russia intends to amerce Lenenergo for noncompliance of the contracts of technical junctions.
B at 9677 tbl.15 (2008) (noting that ninety-nine percent of zip codes are served by two or more high-speed Internet providers); see also CONNECTING AMERCE, supra note 7, at 37 (noting that over eighty percent of households are in areas with at least two, and sometimes three or more, broadband service providers).
que de se trouver a un tel cours!" [My sister-in-law would sooner be flayed alive than be seen in such a place!] She told Mr Marsh how amerce all her family were, and said she had to thank God for a twelve year residence in Lombardy or she should be no better than the rest.
The Prince also announces that he is not impartial in this matter: "I have an interest in your hearts' proceeding; / My blood for your rude brawls doth lie a-bleeding" (III.i.188-89), although we do not know to which family the Prince is related, and immediately following, he once again softens the threatened punishment: "But I'll amerce you with so strong a fine /That you shall al repent the loss of mine" (III.i.
This opportunity provided a way for me to amerce myself within the Italian culture and created a contextual design of understanding within a passionate culture of art, beauty, family, food, music, and learning.