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extreme mental retardation

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Amentia stems from a breakdown in the ability of the mind to control the body:
37) I refer specifically to their assumption that SWE is the sole appropriate English dialect and that the only reasons anyone could fail to see this are ignorance or amentia or grave deficiencies in character.
The fact is that some of the very best cures that one gets are in those individuals whom one gets are almost to amentia [feeble-mindedness].
Bartholomeus (see Neugebauer 1978) distinguished between two types of insanity: one being amentia or melancholy, the other being inania or insanity of the imagination.
Clasifica estos sintomas como delirio simple, alucinosis, estupor sintomatico y amentia.
So doctors who once described their patients as TATP (thick as two planks), or diagnosed their condition as Amentia totalitatis or as Plumbi oscillans (is "swinging the lead" American as well as British slang for malingering?
Persistent vegetative state is not merely an advanced stage of dementia; it is amentia, an absence of everything for which people value existence.