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extreme mental retardation

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Tras la declaracion oficial de la sede romana totalmente impedida, y de acuerdo con el principio amentia aequivalet morti, serian de aplicacion las normas establecidas para la eleccion de un nuevo papa, que actualmente estan previstas en la const, ap.
While in principle this would lead to classifying individuals in a permanent vegetative state as dead, we currently lack the diagnostic and prognostic ability to reliably determine when irreversible amentia occurs across the spectrum of PVS cases.
Via a special agreement with RACSA, local TV/cable companies Amentia and Cable Color provide higher speed access to selected residential areas.
In accordance with the notion of correspondence between nature, mind and body, Thelwall imagined these illnesses, which he referred to under the ubiquitous heading of "Amentia," as "instances of broken, or rather diseased association" (Letter to Henry Cline 60), the result of"disjointed faculties."(20) As work on elocution developed, this new object domain became increasingly central to it, presaging what Thelwall called "the Philosophy of the History of Man": "the phenomena of the action and re-action of the physical and mental causes--and the operation, in particular, of mental, moral, and educational stimuli upon the frame and fibre--the senses and the organic function" (Results of Experience 73).
Most traditional teachers of English grammar have, of course, been dogmatic SNOOTs, and like most dogmatists they've been incredibly stupid about the rhetoric they used and the Audience they were addressing.(37) I refer specifically to their assumption that SWE is the sole appropriate English dialect and that the only reasons anyone could fail to see this are ignorance or amentia or grave deficiencies in character.
It was from his study of "Meynert's Amentia" (acute hallucinatory psychosis) that Freud gained the concept of "wish-fulfillment," which he was to apply to dream analysis and to the functioning of the unconscious mind.
The fact is that some of the very best cures that one gets are in those individuals whom one gets are almost to amentia [feeble-mindedness]...."
Bartholomeus (see Neugebauer 1978) distinguished between two types of insanity: one being amentia or melancholy, the other being inania or insanity of the imagination.
Por eso, no pocos autores afirman que el supuesto de una enfermedad mental del Papa con aquellas caracteristicas comportaria que la sede romana no solo seria impedida, sino que se daria tambien una situacion analoga a la de los supuestos de muerte o renuncia formal del Papa, es decir, la sede vacante (amentia aequivalet mori).