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related to the suppression of normal menstrual flow for any reason other than pregnancy

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Despite the importance of parity in the determination of the amenorrhoeic period, we found that this variable was not at all significant.
Additional work by Zanker has shown that low BMI and an oestrogen deficiency were associated with disruption of bone formation in amenorrhoeic women.
16) Research also suggests that HIV-positive women may be more likely to be ovulating while amenorrhoeic than their HIV-negative counterparts.
For the past 3 - 4 years she had not been receiving any treatment and had remained amenorrhoeic.
A woman over 45 who is amenorrhoeic may retain the device until the menopause.
2004) The cardiovascular effects of chronic hypoestrogenism in amenorrhoeic athletes: a critical review.
The study found that with mifepristone more women were amenorrhoeic and fewer women bled or spotted for more than five days per month.
Recent longitudinal data suggest that 91% of women over the age of 45 who were amenorrhoeic for longer than 6 months would not resume menstruation |10~.
Breast-feeding is found to be strongly positively correlated with the amenorrhoeic period after the birth of a child.
Control group were in their follicular phase (6-8 days the start of menstruation) and PCOS were amenorrhoeic during data recording.
Similarly, amenorrhoeic women were classified as having unmet need if their last birth was mistimed or unwanted.
Women who are currently pregnant or still amenorrhoeic post-partum are assessed as having unmet need if that pregnancy was not desired at that time or at all.
However, the length of the abstinence period, a belief that contraceptive use is unnecessary when the woman is amenorrhoeic, and cultural expectations that childbearing will resume after a culturally-prescribed interval may limit the duration of use.
Menarche at 13 years and amenorrhoeic since 4 months.