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absence or suppression of normal menstrual flow

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This patient's primary complain of amenorrhoea signifies the importance of early diagnostic workup of any patient with infertility which can help to unmask undiagnosed major medical diseases including Turner Syndrome.
All women of menopausal age who had 12 months of amenorrhoea and then has unscheduled vaginal bleeding are included in the study.
Gastrointestinal disturbances were seen in five patients in amisulpride group and nine patients in escitalopram group followed by delayed orgasm in five patients in amisulpride group and two patients in escitalopram group, Amenorrhoea in four patients in amisulpride group, dryness of mouth in three patients in amisulpride group and two patients in escitalopram group, erectile dysfunction in two patients in amisulpride group and one patient in escitalopram group, agitation in two patients in both groups, giddiness, insomnia, and weight gain in one patient in each group and lactation in one patient in amisulpride group [Table 4].
With regard to the impact of amenorrhoea at individual and societal levels it has been shown that patients with untreated secondary amenorrhea are at higher risk in developing major depressive and/or anxiety disorder [4].
The duration of postpartum amenorrhoea is a major determinant of inter-birth internals (IBI) in natural fertility populations with more frequent and more intense nursing, especially at night, associated with prolonged infertility," Haig said.
Symptoms include amenorrhoea, morning sickness, tender breasts, and weight gain.
One should examine the patient for evidence of sexual adverse events, including menorrhagia, amenorrhoea, galactorrhoea and erectile/ejaculatory dysfunction.
The duration of postpartum amenorrhoea (PPA) is the length of time between the termination of pregnancy and the first successive ovulation following the pregnancy during the reproductive span of a woman.
Possible symptoms and complications of eating disorders are acne, xerosis, amenorrhoea, tooth loss, cavities, constipation, diarrhea, lanugo, water retention or edema, scurvy, cardiac arrest, hypokalemia, telogen effluvium, osteoporosis, kidney failure, brain atrophy, electrolyte imbalance, pellagra, hyponatremia, suicide and death.
Its main clinical presentation is primary amenorrhoea in the presence of normal secondary sexual characteristics.
In female athletes, excessive physical exercise may lead to disorders, including delay in the onset of puberty, amenorrhoea and premature osteoporosis.
It provides some basic information about lactational amenorrhoea method (LAM) contraception and describes what the barriers are to it being routinely offered as a contraceptive option.
For the purpose of this study menstrual dysfunction included a history of secondary amenorrhoea (defined as the absence of three or more consecutive menstrual periods at any time since menarche) and/or primary amenorrhoea (defined as the absence of menstruation by age 15).
15 years old unmarried girl came to Gynaecology outpatient department complaining of primary amenorrhoea, gradual swelling of the external genitalia since 12 years of age and hoarseness of voice since last month.