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absence or suppression of normal menstrual flow

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His first experimental treatments involved 12 patients to whom large doses of a number of oestrogenic compounds and two progestins were administered in a "graduate scale" for periods of time up to 7 months to produce amenorrhoea, as well as a decidual reaction in the endometrium.
Motherwort remains listed in the British Herbal Pharmacopoeia (BHP) of 1983 as indicated for amenorrhoea (BHMA 1983).
Chemotherapy may lead to temporary or permanent amenorrhoea depending on the class of drug, intensity and duration of treatment and age of the woman at the time of treatment.
Researchers from Imperial College London, led by Dr Waljit Dhillo, studied women with a condition called hypothalamic amenorrhoea which prevents menstruation and causes infertility.
Researchers from Imperial College London led by DrWaljit Dhillo studied women with a condition called hypothalamic amenorrhoea which prevents menstruation and causes infertility.
If you have a history of amenorrhoea (no * periods), oligomenorrhoea (infrequent periods), pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), or if either you or your partner has had treatment for cancer, you should also seek medical advice sooner rather than later, as you will need to be referred to a specialist.
Amenorrhoea should be explained as a side-effect of Depo Provera that could be considered normal, especially after the first year of use.
Adverse effects (Table 2) were more frequently associated with verum than placebo treatment and markedly so for skin rashes and cheilosis (n = 22), diarrhoea (n = 8) and amenorrhoea (n = 6).
Disorders explained include amenorrhoea, sexual dysfunction, infertility, cancer, and sexually transmitted diseases.
These amenorrheic women mainly included those reaching menopause, ones who were pregnant at the time of the survey, or were going through post-partum amenorrhoea.
1994a Mortality following radiation treatment for infertility of hormonal origin or amenorrhoea.
In younger females, it may be due to a long period of amenorrhoea.
With the articles featured in the brochure including "A three-stage, 6+ week programme for combating patella-femoral pain" and "the female triad, a combination of three dysfunctions--disordered eating, amenorrhoea and osteoporosis," it does sound like a hoot to read.
Nutrition and fertility in Bangladesh: breastfeeding and post partum amenorrhoea.
Research: In this randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled trial 30 women with more than 12 months amenorrhoea and experiencing more than five flashes per day were enrolled.