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absence or suppression of normal menstrual flow

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By first contact she had experienced amenorrhoea for 6 months followed by continuous daily vaginal bleeding for 3 months.
This is called post-pill amenorrhoea and may mean it takes a while, even up to a year, for your fertility to resume.
After taking history, it was found that the patient had amenorrhoea for the last two months.
The study was conducted from an Iranian hospital and included women aged 45-65 years with a history of at least 12 months of amenorrhoea, and depression according to DSM-IV criteria with confirmation by psychiatrist.
The classical triad of symptoms encountered in ectopic pregnancy includes pain, vaginal bleeding and amenorrhoea. (1) Worryingly, as illustrated by our case, rarely these women may present in a state of collapse even before the diagnosis of pregnancy is made.
A Because you've menstruated before, you've developed secondary amenorrhoea and the most common cause of that is pregnancy.
A 15-year-old female patient presented with absence of pubertal development, primary amenorrhoea and parental concern regarding severe growth retardation.
Gastrointestinal disturbances, sexual disturbances, amenorrhoea lactation, agitation and insomnia were the commonly encountered adverse drug reactions.
Physiological states of amenorrhoea are seen during pregnancy, lactation and menopause [1].
This places the patient into menopause, with hot flushes, amenorrhoea, and associated menopausal side-effects.
"The duration of postpartum amenorrhoea is a major determinant of inter-birth internals (IBI) in natural fertility populations with more frequent and more intense nursing, especially at night, associated with prolonged infertility," Haig said.
Gynecologic evaluation for primary amenorrhoea was done.
Hypopituitarism was diagnosed in two patients and one patient had an associated galactorrhoea- amenorrhoea syndrome.
* Primary Amenorrhoea: No menstruation by age of 16 years.