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Synonyms for amenorrheic

related to the suppression of normal menstrual flow for any reason other than pregnancy

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Over time this can lead to deleterious effects skewed toward amenorrheic and bone health challenges that accompany the female athlete triad and the Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S).
The study was conducted during the follicular phase for control subjects and in amenorrheic phase for subjects with PCOS.
Nocturnal oxytocin secretion is lower in amenorrheic athletes than nonathletes and associated with bone microarchitecture and finite element analysis parameters.
52-54) Folic acid in 10mg dosage has been shown to improve endothelial function in various disease states but before amenorrheic female athletes can be added to this group, a large cohort study followed for several years needs to be performed.
Last child birth was 28 years back and she has been amenorrheic since 1998.
The girls were amenorrheic, with baseline estrogen levels far below normal; the intervention restored them to physiologic levels.
3 of them also stated that they have been amenorrheic since 6 months after DMPA, and 5 of them mentioned oligomenorrhea.
Clinical and hormonal characteristics of obese amenorrheic hyperandrogenic women before and after weight loss.
Metformin-induced resumption of normal menses in 39 of43 (91%) previously amenorrheic women with polycystic ovary syndrome.
Indeed the other effect of hypoestrogenism seen in amenorrheic athletes is impaired endothelium dependent arterial vasodilation [3], which decreases the perfusion of working muscle, impaired skeletal muscle oxidative metabolism [4] and elevated low-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels [5,6].
The low intake of calcium and vitamin D are particularly disturbing, as these nutrients play key roles in reaching optimal bone mineral density, and thus in protecting against osteoporosis, for which amenorrheic and oligomenorrheic ballet dancers are especially at risk--which has been repeatedly demonstrated in studies [7,15,16,21].
In addition, a relatively high and stable proportion of Burkinabe women are pregnant or amenorrheic at any given time.
Beyond hypoestrogenism in amenorrheic athletes: energy deficiency as a contributing factor for bone loss.
Postmenopausal amenorrheic women with signs and symptoms of vaginal atrophy made up the study population.
Twenty-seven percent were currently amenorrheic, 23 percent had low bone mass density and nine percent were taking birth control.